How to Enjoy a City Break Weekend on Your Own

Whether you are planning some alone time with a soul-searching weekend trip away in a city you have never previously visited, or else are being sent to a new city for business and are wondering what to do in your spare time, then you have certainly come to the right place.

A new city can be just as daunting and scary as it can be exciting and entertaining, so, with this in mind, continue reading for some top tips for learning how to enjoy a weekend in the city on your own.


One thing large cities across the world have in common, among all their differences and cultural exceptions, is that the vast majority of the city centers boast an impressive array of shopping malls, superstores and smaller and more intimate market areas.

Spend time wandering around the shops, window shopping and even treating yourself to whatever takes your fancy with the item you buy, forever reminding you of your adventurous time away in the big city.

Take in a Show!

Another fabulous and entertaining sensory experience in which to indulge in when visiting the big city for a weekend is to take in a show.

When purchasing tickets, be sure to visit a renowned and established online ticket provider and check out the thousands of happy customers’ reviews. From musicals and cabaret, to plays and more hard-hitting dramas, there is always a myriad of different types of shows to choose from, and there is nothing better than visiting the theater alone whereby you can fully immerse yourself in the action on the stage.

Be a Tourist!

You may well live in an area that is somewhat of a magnet to tourists from across the length and breadth of the country and beyond, but now it is your time to be a stereotypical tourist and visit some of the most iconic attractions the city has to offer.

If you are spending time in a completely unfamiliar city, the best thing to do is to invest in a guidebook that clearly sets out the top tourist attractions; just be sure to buy an up-to-date book to be sure nothing has changed and you can plan your trip properly.

Go Off the Beaten Track!

In complete contradiction to visiting some of the city's top tourist attractions, another exciting morning of adventure would be to spend it perusing some of the backstreets and more local bars, shops and areas.

Obviously, if you do decide to try and experience the 'real' heart of the city, it is even more important to keep your proverbial wits about you and ensure you stay as safe as possible. Some key ways to make sure you have a brilliant time exploring yet keep your safety and security at an optimum include:

  • ·         Wear your backpack on the front of your body in crowds
  • ·         Walk with a purpose
  • ·         Avoid walking into dark areas or buildings which seem deserted
  • ·         Keep your passport and other important documents locked in the safe in your hotel
  • ·         Most importantly, trust and follow your gut instincts