Creative Incentives To Get Employees Back to Work

How can companies encourage employees to return? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the return to work is the biggest challenge. Many employees and applicants give value to working remotely. Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to make the return to work easy and fun for the employees. 

Many companies consider remote work more successful. Even they use a free online pay stub tool for transaction records of their employees rather than hiring an accountant. And that’s how they are saving money. On the other hand, many companies want to get their teams back into the office as quickly as possible. When it comes to getting employees back to work, employee incentives are the best method to implement at your company. 

In this article, you will know some creative employee incentive ideas to implement to attract employees back to the office happily. 

Why Are Employee Incentives Essential?

Here are several reasons why employee incentives are important. It helps to get back employees with greater enthusiasm. Some reasons are also as follows: 

  • Increase productivity

  • Better employee engagement

  • For better morale

  • Attract top talent

  • Help employees reach

  • To fulfill company goals.

  • Encourage teamwork

Some Creative Incentives to Get Employees Back 

Here are some creative employee incentives to attract them back to work. Let's take a look at them:  

Homey office for the Employees

Many things have changed after the pandemic. Now coming back to office life is quite difficult because it requires drastic changes to routines. You can help your employees through the transition with some flexibility or could work to establish a hybrid model for them. For example:

  • You can split between office days or allow your employees to work remotely on certain days of the week. 

  • You could also allow employees flex hours while coming to work. 

  • You can also allow them to purchase some miscellaneous items for their convenience. 

  • It would be best if you would allow the parents to work flexible hours to maintain their children's responsibilities who are still doing school remotely. 

The best way to encourage your employees to get back to work is by offering them flexible working - also known as hybrid working. You can ask them which days they want to work in the office - or when they want to work remotely. 

Make Your Office More Attractive

If you want to make your office more attractive for your employees to get them back to work - make it more appealing or tolerable. Also, make sure that you welcome your employees by making the working space clean and well-organized. Employees can get unmotivated after seeing a messy and disorganized workplace and will never rejoin the office. 

Furthermore, you can buy new furniture and amenities to make the workspace more luxurious. Your office furniture should be comfortable. Having a clean and elegant environment helps to boost the employee's productivity. You can hire professional cleaning staff to get the cleaning job done efficiently. 

Welcome Gifts For your Employees

Place some welcoming gifts at your employee's desks when they come back. It might be a coffee cup or a welcoming gift card. You can even reward your employees coming back with catered lunch or dinner. It will help keep them inside the office and make them more productive. There are many other ways to make your employees feel welcome again. 

Allow Discussions

When you work remotely, your work environment doesn't allow any discussion during working hours. Many people who have been working in their homes for several months will appreciate this opportunity to engage with other co-workers. It's a truth that when your team leader allows you to be more interactive, employees feel more engaged and get more work done. You can make the office environment positive by enabling them to chat with others and have fun while working. 

Make Resources Handy

Most employees need mental or physical well-being. Several companies offer mental benefits, including counseling or prevention and physical fitness benefits. You can also create a relaxed atmosphere for your employees by conducting a meeting in the outdoor area. It helps them to feel comfortable, and you can easily discuss goals and projects. Moreover, imputed incomes as a bonus can make your employees happy and more passionate about their work. 

Help with Time Management

Getting back to work and working according to the office hours might be difficult for the employees. You can allow your employees to work according to their flexible hours in the starting days to improve employees' productivity. Keeping open lines of communication with your employees about their needs during this time is the best way to generate trust in the office environment. 

Use Team Building Activities

Team building activities are the best way to welcome your employees back to the office with some fun activities. The best part of using the several fun activities is that it helps to review all the company policies and other regulations without boring your employees. These types of activities keep your employees more active and happier. 


Getting employees back to work is quite difficult, especially if your employees like remote-work environments. You can use the above tips that will help you to get your employees back without stress. Using team-building activities can bridge the gap between remote work and work in the office again. Implementing these employee incentives can also keep your employees more productive and happy.