Places you can work that aren't the office

So many businesses are giving up on the office, with remote working more of a popular option. With office spaces becoming more expensive and employees being more willing to work from home, the culture surrounding the workplace is changing quite a bit.

If you are one of these remote workers or are considering becoming one, it is good to know the benefits of remote working. From bringing more flexibility to your schedule to now having to spend money on office attire, there are so many pros to this way of working.Here are a few places you can work that are not in the office.

Your home office

If you're lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, turning it into a home office can be a great option if you're a remote worker. Having a home office upgrades your working from home experience, as you have somewhere to go to just focus on work.

When you can shut the door and leave work behind when you're done, it can stop you from blurring your work life and personal life; a problem that many remote workers experience.

The biggest perk, though, is the ability to work wherever you like. When all you need is a laptop from somewhere like to get work done, you can get up and go anywhere you like.

A coffee shop

Getting out of the house now and again when remote working is a good habit to get into. Your local coffee shop is one of the easiest and nicest places to go for a couple of hours' work.

Whether you time it well and get your lunch there or just grab a coffee or two, getting work done in the hustle and bustle of a busy coffee shop can be the ideal break from a quiet house.


Not many remote workers initially think about it, but working this way means you can work anywhere if you want. A lot of people put off traveling because they can't afford to fund it a lot of the time.

However, if you can continue working while you do it, traveling could now be an option for you. What could be better than finishing a day's work and being in the heart of a new city or just minutes from the beach?

While you may want to forget about work during a trip away, if the fact that you are working means you can travel, why not try it. Some individuals that do this balance their scheduled time off and work a little while they're out there to get the best of both worlds.

Remote working is here to stay for a lot of workers, and if you find yourself working in this way, it can be liberating to think that you can work anywhere you like. It is important to actually take advantage of this benefit, though, and take your work elsewhere now and again.