Custom Retail Counters – How To Make the Most of Your Space

The long wait is over, and shoppers are returning to stores. The competition will be fierce to attract 85% of American consumers who say they are ready for the in-store experience again. So your retail counters need to welcome them back in the best atmosphere.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your retail sales counters, now is an excellent time to learn the best tips of the trade. Read this guide for the latest trends in providing a welcoming customer experience to help your bottom line.

Lead With Design

One of the critical elements of creating an inviting environment begins with the first step over the threshold. Customers need a clear space to adjust from the outside world into yours. Open your entranceway so shoppers can gaze without pressure and sum up your business. 

Bulky retail display counters should not impede your guests from viewing the entire store. Instead, use color to help them relax into the atmosphere of your decor. Yet, using too much color can detract from your desired effect. 

Instead, a simple color theme lets your product line do the talking. The biggest retail chains know how a single color affects the subconscious. For example, Target knows that red invites impulse buying habits.

Make A Path

Studies show that most customers entering a store for the first time will turn right to continue. Knowing how customers’ minds work allows you to present a powerful image on the right side of your shop. Use custom retail counters and wall displays to show off your array of products. 

Then as companies like IKEA understand, create a path that takes your shoppers on a journey through the entire store. Since most people turn right after entering, you can make a counterclockwise trail around the store using display cases and retail counters.

The feet will follow where the eye gazes, so use striking displays at the end of aisles to lead the shopper through. Most counters for retail stores can get moved for suitable positioning. Play around with your store design until you find the best path your customers will follow.

Make regular Updates

While color plays an enormous role in attracting shoppers, fresh designs will keep them returning. So retail display counters must each present a unique image so that every section of your store has something new to offer. 

Of course, seasonal display cases and retail counters encourage buying during specific times of the year. Yet, you can use these same principles to introduce a new product line or promote a sale event.

Retail Counters Perform Much More With Planning

Display your products in the best light with staging and artistry. When you use the elements that attract customers, retail counters become an integral part of your display. 

Customers are hungry for the real shopping experience again. So invite them into a realm where the eye gets led to view all your best offerings. Custom retail counters can help you create an experience your customers will want to keep repeating. 

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