5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Marrakesh

Do you deserve a fun and exciting place that you call home?

Of course, you do! So, we wrote this to help you out!

It's not surprising that you're considering moving to Marrakesh. Over 84,000 foreigners are living here. And with so many benefits of living here, experts believe that number will grow shortly.

You can uncover the city's benefits for yourself. But first, you need to consider these reasons for moving to Morocco's capital of culture!

1. The Flavors of Marrakesh

Moroccan cuisine is slowly but surely finding its way into the western world. You can find a Moroccan store in almost every city throughout the US. But just like a Neapolitan pizza, you need to visit the home country to experience the true flavors. 

The most popular dishes here are couscous, tagine, and Rfissa. But it's the spices that go into the meals that set their foods above the rest. After all, when you think of Morocco, you think of narrow streets lined with colorful spices.

2. The Rustic Outdoors

Morocco is home to eleven national parks. Each one has a unique style, beauty, and identity.

Of course, you can visit amazing national parks and forests across the globe. What makes Morocco different from the rest of the world is its deserts.

Marrakesh is the gateway to the Sahara Desert, where you can admire its golden beauty. Or you can belt down around the sand in dune buggies if you want a more thrill-seeking experience!

3. The Lively Medina

If you're more into city life than the outdoors, don't worry, because you will fall in love with the medina. 

The medina is the city's old town and dates back to 1070! The UNESCO world heritage site is packed with high walls, narrow streets, and a buzzing atmosphere. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle, you can recharge at one of the many courtyards built within the walls. 

4. Year-Round Heat

The outdoors are so enjoyable in Marrakesh because of the year-round heat. Whether it's January or July, you can sit out and work on your tan or trek through the nearby mountains.

Marrakesh has a subtropical, semi-desert climate. The summers are long and warm, while the winters are short and mild.

July is the region's hottest month. There are average daily temperatures of 98°F and lows of 70°F.

The cooler period lasts around four months, from November to February. January is the coldest month but still sees average highs of 68°F and lows of 45°F.

5. The Low Cost of Living

Money isn't everything, but the more you have, the better your quality of life and the more fun you can have!

If you're used to high prices in the western world, everything in Marrakesh will seem like a bargain. You can check the cost of living to see for yourself and start planning a budget.

Start Moving to Marrakesh

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of moving to Marrakesh. And you can enjoy all these benefits and more by moving here.

So, clear your schedule for the evening because it's time to turn a dream into reality!

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