Not Working! How Can I Resolve not working is the most common issue faced by Netgear extender users. There can be various reasons causing the problem. It could be either related to improper WiFi extender setup or connection-related issues. This post covers various hacks to help Netgear extender users make the most of their internet experience. Let's get started!

Reasons Behind Netgear Extender Not Working

Have a check on the following points and ensure everything is as it should be.

  • Make sure the power plug of your extender is properly connected and you have turned the power on. The outlet you have chosen for your extender must be in working condition and providing sufficient yet fluctuation-free power supply.
  • Next, your extender must be connected with your existing router, although you can connect both the WiFi device by using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. If you have established the connection between your router and extender using a cable, then it must not have any cuts or breakage.
  • The placement of your extender also matters for getting a proper WiFi coverage. At the time of New extender setup it is best to place the extender as close as possible to the router. However, after configuring your device, you can change the location of the extender as per your WiFi needs.
  • Check If your extender and router are getting distractions or signal interference from other appliances or devices at your home. The placement of your extender near interference-causing devices can result in no internet connection or spotty internet connectivity. Microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, fish tanks, baby monitors, concrete walls, and aluminum studs are some examples of devices that can create issues.
  • Make sure you are doing the mywifiext login process in the right manner. If there is any typo or error while entering the web address or password, you get Netgear extender not working error.
  • The issue can also be browser-related. If you are using an outdated web browser to access the login page, then also you can get stuck with an error message. To avoid any browser-related issues, update the web browser you are using to access mywifiext as well as delete cache, cookies, and browsing history from the same.
  • If your system has Ad-blocker or firewall installed and enabled, then also mywifiext not working issue can occur. To confirm, disable such apps for while and try to access the Netgear Genie Set up wizard.
  • Sometimes, other WiFi connections can also be the culprit. Might be your neighbors are also using the same channel as of yours. If so, this can congest the network and make your WiFi not working. You can change the channel of your WiFi to a less-congested one and solve the issue.
  • Like any other software, mywifiext extender also needs updates from time to time. Check if your extender is running the latest firmware version. If not, head towards the official site of Netgear extender and get the update for your device. Keep in mind that you update the firmware version as per the model availability of your new range extender.
Have you checked all the steps listed above? We hope now you would not be facing not working issue.

Oh, Snap! Still the same error flashing on your screen. Well, it seems as if you have not configured your Netgear extender using proper steps and guidelines.

In such a situation, your extender needs reconfiguration. To do this, you can either contact an expert technician or have a nudge on the Netgear extender manual, which you might have received at the time of extender purchase.

When you reconfigure your Netgear extender, consider keeping all the above-listed points in mind for a successful installation.

Have you found the solution to not working problem by reading the post? Don't forget to answer. We would have a peep on the comments section to check your response. Good Day!