Reasons Why Doing Yin Yoga Training in India Can Help You Gain a Lot

Yoga can make your body fit in many ways- from helping you control your breathing to get relaxed and attain improved balance. There are various types of yoga, offering different solutions to relax your mind, body, and soul.

Among all, yin yoga is one of my favorites. It is a slow, steady, and awesome practice to heal your mind and heart. Doing yin yoga, you can notice that what your mind and body are conveying to you. I did my yin yoga teacher training in India and it was a life-changing and astounding experience. Through this post, I would like to share my experience of doing yoga training in India.

Here are the reasons why you should practice yin yoga in India. Habe a nudge on the points listed below and decide your destination for yoga practice.

Reasons Why Practice Yin Yoga in India 

Perfect Location

The school I selected to do yoga training was located in the foothills of Rishikesh. The time you leave your room, you can feel the serene beauty of nature. It was an extremely eye-soothing experience of feeling nature from close.

Experienced and Well-educated Yoga Teachers 

Yin yoga training Rishikesh I gained in India is beyond expectations. The yoga teachers in India are extremely filled with yoga knowledge and are always ready to spread it among others. Whether it is a class of yoga asana or pranayama, in every class I learned something new and worth.

Most Affordable and Authentic Yoga Teaching

Among all reasons, this is the most important point that made me pushed to write to post and inspire others to join yoga training in India. You can select from various training options as per your needs and budget. The best part is, no matter what course you choose, the yoga teachings offered will be entirely as per the Yoga Alliance guideline and completely authentic.

You Relish Yogic Food

I visited so many places worldwide but the taste I found in India was simply extraordinary. You will be provided with completely yogic food during yoga training in India. The food served not only tastes great but is also nutrient-rich.

Welcoming People and Environment

When you get a warm welcome from a person, you always feel good. This is what India served me with. I was heartily welcomed by the team of yoga centers and always assisted regarding my queries. People there are on their toes to serve you with the best they can. I found the culture and environment of India also great for the advancement of my yoga knowledge.


One can achieve complete relaxation and find inner peace by doing yoga training. If you want to make the most of your yoga training experience, you are advised to book a visit to India. Book my words, you will truly find the whole yoga training experience mesmerizing.

I wish I would get a chance to again visit India for attending a yoga session. If I am able to inspire you through the pose, then my feelings would be on cloud 9. 

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