No Internet After Linksys Extender Setup?

We hope you are all done with the set up of your Linksys extender! To start using the internet, you now need to connect your WiFi device to the extended network of your Linksys range extender. Oh, what's that? You can see internet access on your device even after connecting it. Well, worry not! This post is intended to help users are facing no internet issue even after doing Linksys extender setup.
There can be plenty of reasons behind the issue related to your WiFi not working. Perhaps, the settings of your device are not proper. Nonetheless, the reason for the problem may not always be so apparent.
Have a nudge on the below-mentioned tested yet effective tips and methods to help you fix the 'network connects but no internet' issue on your Linksys extender. Read on.
Get the No Internet Issue Fixed!
Firstly, you need to find whether the issue is related to your PC/device or the extender itself. For that, connect a device (not the one you previously connected) to your WiFi and check if you can access the internet or not. If this device also reveals the same No Internet issue, then perhaps the culprit is either your modem, WiFi router, Linksys extender, or ISP. Just in case, if the internet is working fine on another device, it means the problem is in your previously used device/PC.
Once you find the problem causing no internet issue, troubleshoot it using the tips listed in the post below:

1. Restart Your Devices
Most of the time, a simple restart can fix network issues. So, first start with the basic troubleshooting.
  • Turn off all your devices (Modem, Router, Extender, and PC) and unplug them.
  • Let the devices have some rest for a minute or two.
  • Now, again plug in all the devices to their respective power outlets one by one.
Once all your devices get restarted, try to access the internet to see if the issue has been resolved or not.
  1. Check the Lights on Your Linksys Extender
There can be a problem with the connection of your internet. For checking this, ensure the lights on your WiFi devices are functioning well and are stable. For blinking lights, check wired connections whether all the proper or make contact with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  1. Use Your Extender's Troubleshooter
If all your devices are getting connected to WiFi, then the issue might lie within your Linksys extender or computer. In the case of extender, consider checking that you have properly installed your device by accessing the Linksys extender login page. If the issue is related to your computer, you can use its troubleshooter to fix it. For that:
  • Right-click on the Network icon.
  • From the list appeared, select 'troubleshoot problems' option.
  • Select it. Once done, your computer will automatically start finding the issue and try to resolve it.
  • If the problem is not resolved, you might, at least, be informed about what the issue is.
Once you get familiar with the problem creating no internet issue, you can contact expert technicians for immediate assistance.
  1. Reset Your Linksys Extender
If the problem is still the same and you find your head is spinning due to it, consider resetting your to the default factory settings. To do so, press and hold the reset button on your Linksys extender using a pin-like device. Once done, your Linksys WiFi range extender will reboot. Keep in mind that resetting your Linksys WiFi range extender to the factory default settings will erase all your customized settings. So, have a backup of your Linksys extender settings, if you are concerned about the same.
Our guide on how to troubleshoot the 'no internet issue' ends here. We hope you, now, would be able to connect your client devices to the extended network of your Linksys extender. If the problem is still the same and you can't make your internet work from your own, you are suggested to contact technicians who are experts in fixing Linksys extender issues.
For assistance, you can also shoot your query in the comments section. Our team will try to make your internet work by fixing issues with your Linksys WiFi range extender.