How to change the routerlogin net admin password on a Netgear router support

When you purchase a new Netgear wireless router, it is configured with factory default values. When you use the local web address, to access Netgear WiFi router login page, the username is admin and the password is password.

In order to improve the security of your existing WiFi network, it is suggested to change the default routerlogin net admin password.

To change the Netgear extender's admin and password on your Netgear WiFi router, follow the steps below:
  1. Pull up an internet browser from a computer or laptop that is connected to your Netgear router's WiFi network or via Ethernet cable.
  2. Type or into the web browser's address bar.
  3. Hit the Enter key.
  4. A Netgear login page displays.
  5. Enter the default login credentials. If you have change the default username and password, then use them instead.
  6. Now, the “BASIC” Home page will be displayed.
  7. Select “ADVANCED”.
  8. Click on “Administration”.
  9. Choose “Set Password” option.
  10. Enter the old password and type the new password twice.
  11. In order to recover your admin details in the future, select the “Enable Password Recovery” option.
  12. Click on “Apply” and that's it. Your settings are saved successfully.
If the web address “routerlogin net not working” then follow some easy troubleshooting tips given below.
  1. Make sure to enter the URL correctly, without any typos, not into the search bar, into the address bar of the internet browser.
  2. Make sure that your computer or laptop is connected properly via Ethernet cable to the Netgear WiFi router.
  3. Place your Netgear router openly on a hygiene place. Do not place in under table or inside cabinet. In order to acquire best the WiFi performance from your Netgear router, locate it at the middle of your house at a higher shelf.
  4. If the same issue persist again and again, then exit from the current web browser – clear cache, cookies, browsing history and malicious files – shut down your device and restart it after 5 minutes.
  5. Make sure to update Netgear router's firmware. An older version version might be a reason behind routerlogin net not working issues.
How to update Netgear router's firmware?
  1. Pull up a web browser.
  2. Type Netgear router login IP address or into the browser's URL bar.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Netgear router login page will display.
  5. Enter your login credentials i.e. username and password.
  6. Select “ADVANCED”.
  7. Choose “Administration or Settings”.
  8. Click on “Administration” option.
  9. Then, select “Router Update” or “Firmware Update” option.
  10. Select “Check” and your Netgear router will itself searches for the new firmware.
  11. If a new firmware version is available, click on “Yes”.
The Netgear router firmware is updated successfully.

Note: If you want to avoid the risk of corrupting the Netgear router's firmware, it is requested - do not interrupt the update process. Do not close the internet browser, load a new page or click a link. Do not turn off the computer and router.

If these troubleshooting tips are not working for you, try resetting Netgear router to resolve the issue.

A simple factory reset process will delete all personalized settings including your username, password, SSID (WiFi network name), and security settings. A factory reset is important when you failed going through the above-mentioned steps. Keep scrolling down.
  1. First of all, verify that your Netgear router’s power light is on.
  2. After that, locate the reset hole on your Netgear router.
  3. Use a paper clip and insert it into the factory reset hole of your Netgear WiFi router.
  4. Hold it for a few seconds or the LED light on your device start blinking.
Your Netgear router resets successfully.