What to Pack for a Ski Trip: A Quick Guide

There were 59 million skiers at resorts in 2020-21. As things begin to open back open, more and more people are enjoying the colder months. Wherever you plan your next ski trip, one thing remains constant—the clothes you'll wear.

Your next ski vacation is only as good as the clothes you'll wear. If you fail to include certain items in your packing list, it won't be as enjoyable. You'll be shivering and wanting to get some hot cocoa rather than hitting the trails.

What should you pack for your next ski vacation? Let's see some of the basics you'll want to include. Read our guide below.

Base Layer

When planning what to pack for a ski trip, one of the first things you'll want to include in your base layer. This is the layer that protects your body from moisture.

So you'll want something that wicks away moisture to keep your body warm and temperature regulated when you sweat.

After you get your base layer prepared, be sure to rent skis ahead of time. Click here to do so.

Ski Socks

Ski socks will keep your feet and toes warm too—much warmer than thermal socks. It's worth it to spend a few more dollars here.


Don't forget to include undergarments in your packing list. While you could go commando, we wouldn't recommend it. Make sure it's something comfortable, breathable, and something you can move freely in.

Balaclava/Neck Gaiter

When skiing or snowboarding, you'll have snow and winds coming in from all directions. This is why we recommend including a balaclava or neck gaiter for your next ski trip.

Skull Cap

Mountain sports are all about comfort. You may prefer a skull cap over a balaclava or neck gaiter. Wear a skull cap under a helmet to keep your noggin extra warm.


Think of the mid-layer as the second layer of dense against inclement weather. You'll be able to easily find your style. The mid-layer is what you'll likely wear for apr├Ęs-ski.


Hoodies and shirts are a good starting point for the mid-layer. Just make sure they're not cotton yet wicking away material. You'll feel nice and toasty all over the mountain.

Fleece Jacket

For that classic skiers look, opt for a fleece jacket. These days they'll usually be made of polyester synthetic wool.

Puffy Jacket

Underneath your outerwear, you could wear a slimmed-down jacket. Just be sure to make sure you can move your body freely and comfortably down the slopes.


Your outerwear is the last layer of defense against the elements. This means it should be waterproof and windproof.

You want your outerwear to keep you warm throughout your time on the mountain and flexible enough to ski or snowboard.

Shell Ski Jacket

A shell ski jacket is a good choice since you won't overheat but it'll be warm enough. It'll be perfect for Spring skiing since it's nice and light but can still protect you from snow, rain, and wind.

Winter Coat

For those frigid days, you want something strong and insulated. With one, you can enjoy your ski vacation that much more.

Pack Right and Enjoy Your Next Ski Trip

When you pack correctly, you'll be able to feel cozy and confident on the mountain. Follow this packing list and you can't go wrong.

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