Teaching in Northern China

China has plenty of teaching opportunities available to native English-speaking teachers and professionals. ESL teachers can choose to teach English in public schools, private language training schools, international schools, training centres or universities. Teaching in various parts of China, including Northern China, will provide you with an opportunity to teach in some of the prestigious schools in Beijing and Qingdao. Beijing is one of the cities in Northern China that offers foreign teachers opportunities to teach English in China. The opportunities to teach English in Beijing or any city in China are considered some of the best in the ESL market worldwide due to the low cost of living, high demand for foreign teachers and high wages.


Cities to Teach English in Northern China

·         Beijing

One of the best cities to teach in Northern China is Beijing. Beijing is home to some of the most reputable and prestigious schools in China. A foreign teacher teaching in Beijing will have an extensive range of options to choose from, with both public schools and private academies hiring English teachers. You will have the excitement to teach English in Beijing since you will be offered high salary rates and enjoy a better quality of life while living in the city. Beijing offers plenty of spectacular attractions, diverse culture and the largest network of expats living in the city, making it easy for you to develop social networks. You will manage to cater for your daily expenses due to the affordable cost of living, high salary rates and high standards of living while teaching in Beijing.

·         Qingdao

Qingdao is another city in Northern China that provides plenty of teaching opportunities for expats looking for teaching jobs in China. Qingdao is considered to be one of the most liveable cities in China and is home to the most popular Tsingtao Beer. Its an interesting city with a rich multi-cultural history that you can find exciting to learn and appreciate. Teaching in Qingdao is a rewarding experience since it offers tremendous potential and extensive opportunities for ESL teachers. Teachers will find plenty of institutions in the city that offer competitive salaries and a friendly teaching environment. You will enjoy the low cost of living, numerous attractions and entertainment centres in the city.

·         Harbin

Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province in the north of China. This city is popularly known for hosting plenty of activities, including the ice festival each winter, which is worth visiting any time of the year. Expats teaching English in Harbin will have the opportunity to enjoy various attractions and sceneries and have the most memorable experience. The city has the second largest artificial lake. It's home to Huangtou national park, which offers numerous options to spend your entire day immersed in nature and touring around the spectacular park. It's a city with the smallest expat communities that is super easy to interact with, socialize and join.

·         Xi'an

Xi'an is the oldest city in China, and it's credited for its rich history since it served as the nation's ancient capital. This city is best recognized as the home of the protectors of the tomb of China's first emperor and the popular terracotta warriors. A few miles outside the city, you will be able to view the great army of terracotta warriors, horses and weapons. ESL teachers will have the opportunity to teach English in Xi'an and also view some of the popular historical sites in the city. Expats will have the opportunity to tour around Xi'an's city wall and visit plenty of exhilarating museums in the city.

Teaching in Northern China is one of the most enriching experiences for foreign teachers. Different types of schools and learning institutions in this region provide unique experiences and opportunities. Teaching in some of the best schools in this part of China will provide you with an opportunity to interact with people of diverse cultures, share experiences, and enjoy the wonderful attractions, relaxing lifestyle and high standards of living.