Why should you wear hanuman locket?

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Lord hanuman, the sankat mochan, is popular to guard everyone against evil or even calamities. The son of Anjana as well as lord kapiraj shri kesari is a Hindu god who is called his strength. Hanuman Chalisa is the consecrated prayer recited by devotees of lord hanuman, to seek overall blessings of the god. It has been believed that reciting hanuman Chalisa gets you good health and overall prosperity.

Lord hanuman : the protector

Lord hanuman is the believer of lord ram, who purchased beside the lord to defeat lord Ravana. There are countless stories about the power and strength of lord hanuman. It is believed that by singing hanuman Chalisa, you can easily seek the blessings of the god. Lord hanuman’s weapon is the gada (mace). The lord himself took part in the war against the demon king, lord ravana. Lord hanuman is even known as Pawan, the wind god. Few texts even indicate the fact that lord hanuman is a clear incarnation of lord shiva.

Who can wear this locket?

Well, you can choose to wear this locket of lord hanuman with a chain that is made of white gold, gold, silver, or even any sort of metal, no matter you are a male , female , boy, girl, or still you are in school. Some folks may also wear red or black thread. The point is simple, it is formed up and designed with full devotion, divinity, and even beatification to a lord.

The story behind this robust man-hanuman 

Hanuman is formed up of two Sanskrit words: ‘Hanu’ and even ‘man.’ ‘hanu’ simply means jaw, whereas ‘man’ denotes deformed. Hanuman was given this name because he was actually born with a deformed jaw.

Hanuman used to fly right away to the sun (that he mistook for a simple ripe fruit) and try to simply swallow it when he was young. It is when indra struck him with his overall vajra, knocking him to the floor and mutilating his mouth.

Then you know anjana, lord hanuman’s mom , was a celestial type of fairy named punjikasthala who was actually cursed to be born on earth as a monkey after offending some sage. As per the legends, hanuman is one of four individuals who heard krishna’s bhagwad gita and witnessed the Vishvarupa form, the others being arjuna, Sanjaya, and even Barbarika son of Ghatotkacha.

The colour of locket

You can come across varied information about hanuman’s true form. He is mostly red and hardly black.  Red  hanuman is one who is smeared with sindur (vermilion). Saturn’s (Shani’s) impact may have ended up in his black complexion. Hanuman is well-known as an incarnation of Rudra or even as the son of Rudra. The red complexioned Rudra has maybe impacted hanuman’s complexion as well. Once hanuman became red in complexion, stories of his love for sindur attained a lot of popularity.

Why should you wear this locket?

Well, there are many reasons that people do wear hanuman or any other god’s locket. If you don’t’ know much about it, here are some points for you to have a good understanding of it.

Devotees of hanuman

If you are a devotee of hanuman lord, you should look out for a locket for sure. You have no idea how fans or followers of lord hanuman make a purchase that impacts them. Of course, if you too want to get a locket, you must get it. You have no idea how locket can turn out to be so interesting for you. You can be definite that locket works wonderfully for you.  The point is when you feel so much for this lord, you must wear a locket that keeps the lord and his vibe close to your heart and soul.

You stay motivated

Of course, when you have someone, you have faith in, you feel motivated all the time. You can always feel that there is someone with you who is helping you in every possible way. Indeed, you would be sure that you get the motivation that you need.  Motivation is one thing that you need at every stage of your life. No matter you are a job doer, business person or anyone, wearing a lord locket whom you follow so fondly can transform your life. You can be definite that you have someone to motivate you all the time. After all, motivation is one thing that you would get for sure in the best way by wearing locket.

Your confidence is good

You have no idea how you would find yourself more confident once you have a locket around your neck. After all, hanuman ji is going to help you stay confident in all possible manners. After all, your lord is going to keep you in the best spirit and even when you are not confident about anyone or anything, you can be definite that you get that motivation through your locket. Confidence is one thing that you should not compromise with. So, be sure that you get the perfect vibe to stay in the best spirit through hanuman lord locket.

You look cool

Indeed, who says that these lord lockets are boring or not attractive? Come on, you can be sure that you get the lockets that are absolutely stunningly looking and at the same time spiritual. After all, these lockets are going to keep you in the best vogue too. You can find the lockets in different designs, shapes, sizes and even material  and you can choose as per your preference.


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