Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Magician for your Kid's Birthday Party

Keeping kids entertained at a birthday party is the most important part of the event – and often the hardest to achieve.

A child’s attention span lasts only so long, and when they are in large groups feeding off each other’s energy it gets more complicated.

There are many live entertainment options out there, but nothing beats a good magician.             

Look into hiring someone like Adam Wylie, who is a magician that also sings and has a background in acting, as this multitude of skills can go a long way at a party.

1. They’re captivating.

A magician is trained in the art of illusion and intrigue, two things guaranteed to capture someone’s attention no matter their age.

Magicians keep up a fast pace, so there will be no time for the kids to get board. Waiting for the food to arrive and don’t know how to keep the hungry little ones at bay? The magician can handle that no problem.

Magicians cater to the type of attention span kids have, constantly switching gears to keep them on their toes.

2. They’re interactive.

Most children absolutely love getting involved in things and being the center of attention. A magician often needs an assistant or volunteer, and kids immediately jump to fill that role.

Kids need to feel busy in order to keep them on track, so aiding someone with magic is a great way to make that happen.

3. They can help with crowd control.

At the end of the day magicians are trained professionals who have been taught the art of reading a room and reacting to the audience in front of them.

They utilize various psychological and sociological techniques to help their audience get the most out of their experience. This includes dissolving any potential issues before they become major problems and knowing how to reconnect with a crowd whose attention has waned.

A skilled children’s magician will anticipate any pitfalls and work to make things go smoothly so parents can enjoy the entertainment as much as the kids.

4. They leave a lasting impression.

You’re 5 years old and you watch a man wearing a cape pull a rabbit out of a hat. Wouldn’t that stick with you for a long time?

Magicians are cool – at any age! – because they get the mind moving, causing it to often push boundaries and preconceived notions.

A good magician may inspire a child to buy their own magic kit or take away lifelong skills from the show.

They can help children see the world from another perspective and contribute to their personal growth.

5. They can tailor themselves to your event.

There are a variety of magicians out there: illusionists, mentalists, close-up acts or ones who specialize in street magic.

Whether your party is one that consists of the entire fifth-grade class or your daughter’s five closest friends, there’s a magician tailor-made for the experience.

If you are looking for a specific trick or type of act, talk to them and see what they can do to accommodate your party. Most are happy to arrange it if given enough time in advance.