What Are the Best Shipping Methods in 2022?

In 2020, UPS was delivering 21 million packages a day. And that's just one of the available shipping methods that customers and businesses get to choose from on a daily basis.

There are tens of millions of packages moving around the country at all times. And the e-commerce industry is only going to continue growing. 

The problem with so many packages in the mail is that costs are rising. Not only that, but the quality of certain carriers may be dropping, as damage and lost packages aren't uncommon these days.

As a business, choosing the right shipping methods to send out your products is a very important decision. After all, you are entrusting the last mile to a third-party shipping company. You may have the best products in the world, but if they screw it up, you lose a customer.

Read on below to see learn about the best shipping methods in the US today. 

USPS Shipping Methods

Wondering what is the cheapest shipping method is? For those shipping small, lightweight products, you can't beat the USPS. 

The USPS has been around forever and is still a popular choice among small businesses shipping products nationally or internationally. The company is extremely reliable and easy to work with for all types of packages.

Shipping times are very consistent, averaging between two and eight days, depending on the priority selected. And for businesses that ship a ton of volume, you can qualify for discounts and credits. 

You can ship via USPS through almost any shipping platform like ShipStation. 

Traditionally, USPS doesn't deliver on Sundays or holidays. But if you're willing to pay extra, they can make it happen.  

And while most businesses have USPS pick up packages directly from their warehouse, a local branch is never far away, making it easy to drop off additional packages when necessary. 

UPS Shipping Methods

On the flip side, the cheapest shipping method for large packages is usually UPS. While they often overprice smaller parcels, it's hard to beat their pricing on the big stuff. 

Tiny USPS trucks could never carry the size of boxes that UPS trucks can. UPS offers flat rates prices on larger packages

UPS is small business-friendly, with customized rates based on volume, weight, and speed. They even offer incentives that could help businesses save 20% to 50%. 

Domestic ground shipping can take anywhere from two to five days. Overnight shipping is available when you need something to arrive the next day, such as important documents. And in certain cases and locations, same-day shipping is available, making UPS the fastest shipping method for those willing to pay extra. 

And UPS can make the process of shipping overseas super simple on behalf of businesses and customers alike. 


If you need to ship products internationally on a regular basis, it pays to do so with DHL. While the occasional oddball overseas can work with UPS or USPS, anyone shipping volume abroad will benefit from the affordable DHL platform.

The parent company is headquartered in Germany, while the DHL Express company, focusing on small businesses, is located in Florida. 

Using DHL to ship abroad makes it easy to deal with imports, exports, fees, and surcharges. Many shipping speeds are available depending on how much extra you are willing to pay. 


Another small business solution is FedEx. This is the company that has normalized everyday delivery. Customers still expect packages on weekends and holidays, and FedEx is there to deliver. 

Every day is treated as a business day, meaning your customers will get their parcels faster, as there is never any downtime in the supply chain. While the prices might be a bit more on individual packages, compared to carriers like USPS, a faster ground shipping time of fewer than five days, plus weekend delivery, is worth the extra expense. 

There are no hidden fees, and it's clear to see exactly how much it will cost to ship your parcel with FexEx on their website. 


Amazon has become much more than an online retailer, as they now operate one of the most advanced logistics networks in the country. With warehouses and shipping centers in hundreds of cities around the US and massive fleets of Amazon vans, the company is rivaling every other carrier. They are often outperforming them, too.

Thanks to Amazon's own delivery network, packages will almost always arrive within 2 days, and in many cases, one day or the same day. Of course, to use the Amazon delivery network, you would need to send your products to Amazon warehouses for distribution. This means higher fees for each product sold, but you won't have to maintain your own warehouse and shipping staff. 

Many businesses have transitioned to fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) full time, so they can instead focus on marketing, and creating new products. 

International Shipping Methods 

International shipping is another huge concern for many businesses. If your company is small, you might only order a few pallets of product at a time. 

In these instances, you'll just pay for space inside of stored shipping containers as your products make their way across the ocean to your warehouse. While this can be cost-effective, it's not always the best option. Based on what other products are sharing a container with yours, the entire container might experience delays during the customs process, and additional inspections are needed.

For greater control over the shipping process, and faster results.it's best to use your own shipping containers, buy in bulk, and fill them completely with your own goods.

There are different types of steel storage containers available, depending on how you like your products to be loaded, packed, and unpacked. You can even choose containers that are insulated, to protect against extreme heat, which could damage electronics. 

The Right Shipping Methods for Your Business

There are countless ways to send a box across town, across the country, and across the globe. If you're in business, you generally find out what shipping carrier works best for you. 

If you send many different-sized packages, you may even rely on two or more carriers, as you aren't limited to just one.

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