The tilzmart will be a first-of-its-kind vending machine, allowing students to swipe their ID cards and purchase different types of tilz candy at the flat price of $1.

The tilzbot is a twitter account that sends tweets as if they were sent from the tilz candy bot.

The tilzbot was created by two South Campus freshmen who requested anonymity for this story because they would like to brainstorm ideas about the tilz smart cart without interference from other people or organizations on campus.

"Tilz Smart Cart is something we came up with last semester," one said, "We thought a lot about what people wanted and sat down and talked it through."

Their motivation for creating TSC was to improve the tilz candy-buying process.

"We thought it would be cool if tilz was more automated," they said, "So you could just swipe your id card and get tilz without any interaction with another person."

Another motivation for creating TSC was to cut down on tilz theft by allowing students to purchase tilz at a single price: $1 per packet of tilz. "With our product we can help stop tilz theft because people won't want to steal if it's only $1," they said.   

  The tilzmart is one of many features in the tilzbot that students will be able to use once it has been implemented into campus life    "The tilzmart is the first tilz machine of its kind," they said, "Both tilzbots and tilzmart are being created by students at Carnegie Mellon University."

The tilzbot will also have a mobile app that will allow students to purchase tilz. The tilz smart cart service can be accessed through this mobile app.

According to the creators of TSC, no date has been set for the tilz smart cart's official launch.

If you want to learn more about tilzbots click HERE .

  This article was written by Madeline Duva, 2015-2016 SILC Fellow at CMU. For more information about SILC or Madeline please visit our

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