How to Defeat Alcohol Dependence

While a staggering one in three people drinks in excess, one in thirty adults falls under the category of alcohol dependent. Alcohol dependence can be a result of a variety of things, from it being one of the only ways to socialize in public at night to a coping mechanism by those with mental illness and trauma. 

It's an unfortunate circumstance of our times that alcohol abuse has become so widespread. On the flip side, there are many ways to curb alcohol addiction through treatment and creating new habits. Keep reading to find out which tips will be helpful for your personal needs in recovering from alcoholism. 

Finding Meaning in Life

As cliche and cheesy as this sentiment can sound, many addicts struggle with identifying with a sense of purpose in life. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent relapsing and stay consistently sober after rehabilitation efforts. 

One way to determine this is to first clear your mind. Starting in a headspace of sobriety, where you've been eating healthily, exercising, getting sunlight and quality sleep is essential. 

Beyond this, to determine a sense of meaning or purpose to your life and life in general, you'll have to confront yourself. It can be painful, but this is why a support system and therapy can be your best friends. Try these journaling techniques to establish a sense of communication with yourself. 

  • List your priorities in life
  • List the reasons you want to stay sober
  • List your passions
  • List ways you want to approve and what steps you can make in order to make progress

These are some simple but thought-provoking questions to get your mind in gear. Have fun envisioning a detailed and thought-out version of your dream life. Even if it seems impossible to achieve, it's never too late to make your life what you want it to be. 


If you're having a hard time self-regulating your alcohol dependence, seek out help. Rehab does not have the stigma on it that it once did. Many rehabilitation centers focus on treating you as a complete individual. 

Not only will you address your addiction, but triggers and trauma that may have caused your tendency to rely on alcohol in the first place. Alcohol rehab gives you the chance to get clean in an environment where your triggers will be significantly reduced. With reduced triggers, you can focus your attention inwards. 

Through therapy, medication, AA meetings, and more, you gather the resources necessary to support yourself after you leave rehab. Outpatient treatments upon completion of rehab are also very conducive to staying sober.

Support System

As alcohol is prevalent in American culture, it can be hard to find activities to do without alcohol. It can also be even harder sometimes to make friends with people who don't want to drink. This is why finding a support system that can encourage your sobriety is important when making the decision to get clean.

Healing From Alcohol Dependence

With all of these concepts, habits, and resources in mind to heal yourself from alcohol dependence, you're on the right track. Before you can successfully manage any of them, you have to make the decision for yourself. No one else can force you to be sober unless you are the one who clearly wants it.

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