Everton coach asks for patience; fans should focus on the long term rather than short term

Everton has been under pressure lately given their dismal performance in the premier league table. Kate Richardson, a Mightytips sports betting expert and analyst who also happens to be an ardent football follower says the team needs to pull up its socks if it is to match its previous performances. 

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As per the current premier league table, Everton with its fifteen matches has only won five games, drew three, and lost seven. Fans are angry at the team; the coach is under great pressure to deliver results. Many think that to bring Everton right back, some actions need to be taken including changing the coach as has happened with Manchester United a few weeks ago. 

In a recent interview, Everton coach asked the fans to be patient, and instead of focusing on the losses, look at the long term. He exuded confidence that the team will turn the premier league table. He is hopeful that in the future fans will see Everton right back where it belongs. He has been on several occasions been quoted saying that Everton will come around and prove all the naysayers wrong. 

The loss to Liverpool and Brentford was seen as the last nail in the coffin as many had not expected the turn of events. This coupled with the fact that the team had lost five other matches made the team’s future in the premier league table look gloomy. They have followed the Serie A table pattern where another big team, Juventus has been showing poor results of late. However, the Serie A table comparison does not stand out as Juventus is still a top contender given that they have not lost as many matches as Everton. 

Should fans be hopeful?

If they are to rely on the premier league table results, the team has little chance of even playing at the Europe Cup. But going by the words of the Everton coach, where he is urging the fans and all stakeholders to focus on long rather than short term, we can say there is hope. As optimists, we choose to remain hopeful, the same way users of Rabona review should when they want to get the best predictions. 

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If we are to go by the Arsenal –Everton game, we can say that the team might turn things around and move up the premier league table. This match is what may be described as the optimum rangers game as the team exhibited great performance. For those who have watched the previous matches, this was a great improvement. Everton was playing a side that has shown great games despite their shaky start. 

The first goal may have disappointed the fans but an equalizer quickly brought back confidence and hope to a team that is struggling to win games in the current season. Could the performance of this match be a pointer of how the team will be in the remainder of the season? Some are confident that the best of Everton has not been seen yet, they will follow the footsteps of Arsenal, a team that started very poorly but now is a top contender in the first six-team on the table.

Make an impression

The coach saw the Liverpool game as a chance for the team to make an impression but he was also quick to point out that even if they did not give the desired result they still have a chance to prove themselves.

The team was humiliated with a 4-1 loss, something that infuriated the fans but true to the coach’s prediction Everton performed well in the next match, where they won 3-2 against Arsenal. Could this be the start of the winning streak as predicted by the coach? Only time will tell, fans hope that the team has started winning and it will maintain good performance for the remainder of the season. 

Some felt that Everton was on its way to relegation if it continued with the losing streaks but now they are hopeful that the game will change. We may see the team climb up and become a top contender for the first six slots. They have an uphill task but it is achievable. They are still in good shape, they can put up a spirited fight, and however, this will only be achieved if the team puts great effort especially into its defense and forward departments. These are areas that most fans feel the team lacks and if they are to perform better in the remainder of the season, they have no option but to seal the gaps.

In the remaining matches to the close of the first half of the season, the team may perform well, these matches include:

  • Crystal Palace vs Everton on 12th December

  • Chelsea vs Everton 16th December

  • Everton vs Leicester City on19th December

  • Burnley vs Everton on 26th December, and 

  • Everton vs Newcastle on 30th December 

Reading through the predictions, it is expected that Everton will garner at least eleven points on the lower side. We predict that the team will win its matches against Crystal Palace, Burnley, and Newcastle, draw with Leicester City and lose against Chelsea. With that performance, the team will have secured its way to the top ten in the premier league as it enters the final half of the season.