Go through Specs of 2022 Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a series that is remarkable due to every aspect; be its powertrain, luxurious interior, superior comfort, and more. Similarly, the new generation 2022 Audi A8 is no less and offers similar essence to people.

You need to go through specifications of 2022 A8 before you go to Morgan Hill Audi dealership. The specification list of this excellent vehicle’s powertrain, interior, prices, and more.


The standard option comes with a V6 turbocharged engine that produces 335 horsepower.The optional V8 twin-turbo engine delivers 453 ponies. However, both engines use a hybrid 48-volt system. Also, both are paired with automatic 8-speed and AWD is a standard option. The V6 engine takes just 5.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which is quicker than its rivals in this segment.

Audi offers a remarkably smooth powertrain and noise cancellation works to the point that with windows up it is completely inaudible.Also, it provides superior ride comfort and athleticism, which is one of the core characteristics of Audi A8. In addition, standard option includes adaptive driver-adjustable dampers, air suspension, etc.

Furthermore, A8 is equipped with an active suspension that can scan road bumps beforehand for taking necessary measures to offer a swift ride. The standard mileage given by 2022 A8 is 19 mpg in cities and 22 mpg on highways. The V8’s mileage hasn’t been rated by EPA yet. Still, it is expected to be at par with its competitors. However, to know more. Contact Audi dealership Morgan Hill.

Classy interior

Remarkable passenger space is what every A8 owner enjoys and the long-wheelbase ensure well accommodation for back-seat passengers. A total of 5 people can sit inside A8; however if customized people can fit in 4 passengers as the center seat is removed from the back.

Certain available functions include ventilation, heating, and massage function for all seats. The cabin is well-built with excellent materials and can be upgraded to leather upholstery, wood inlays, etc. Like its exterior, the interior can be exclaimed as sober and sophisticated. Trunk capacity is also ample for people to equip with ample carry-ons.

The instrument cluster is 12.3-inch along with an infotainment touchscreen. USB ports, Apple CarPlay, compatible with Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, Wi-Fi, etc. are available as optional features for people.

Price tag

The base model is 55 TFSI which is priced at $90,000. The other two trims are 60 TFSI e that costs $100,000 and 60 TFSI is priced at $105,000. These are just estimated pricing of the trims as the official cost of each trim hasn’t been revealed by Audi. If you are looking to get one, then always go for the 60 TFSI option as it comes with a V8 powertrain as a standard option along with several luxurious features that you would enjoy thoroughly.

This is a remarkable vehicle from Audi and if you are looking to get a new car, you need to check this out. So, visit a dealership and take a test drive today before getting all the paperwork done.