5 Biggest Swimsuit Trends to Expect In Summer

Australia enjoys pleasant summers every year, and from December to February, people in the country experience warm and pleasant weather. This is why most people choose to spend their holidays at some of the most scenic beaches in the country, including the world-famous Bondi Beach. And during this season, plenty of beach-goers shop for new swimwear in Australia to ensure that they will look as good as their surroundings. 

Since swimwear trends often come and go, fashion-conscious Australians look for inspiration when buying their next set of swimsuits. So, here are some of the biggest swimwear trends that Australians can invest in for this year’s summer. 

1.     Upside Down Bikinis

Some celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid followed the DIY upside-down swimsuit trend started by model Valentina Fradegrada several years back. The makeshift trick required them to wear their regular triangle-shaped bikini tops upside down. And the purpose of this style is to flaunt several inches of their underboobs for a sexier look. As a result, followers of these celebrities tried to replicate this trick, which started a new trend for upside-down bikini tops on Instagram. 

Regular beach-goers also choose the upside-down bikini trend to give them an instant boob job. However, it is not a practical fashion trend if you plan to do more water activities since it provides little support to the chest area. 

2.     Florals 

Expect to see more floral pieces of swimwear in Australia this summer due to the retro take of the classic look prepared by more people these days. The ’80s and the ’90s inspire this nostalgic trend. 

You may encounter a lot of women wearing bold, brightly coloured floral prints on their swimwear. And some of the most notable floral prints that you can find include Sakura flowers. 

3.     Zebra Prints 

While swimsuits with animal prints are not exactly a new trend, this timeless trend remains one of the favourites on Australian beaches during the summer. Animal prints like the zebra stripes are always considered a safe choice when buying swimwear. 

You also have a choice to buy zebra-printed cover-ups or pants to complete your safari-inspired look. You can even take this outside the water and wear it as part of your afternoon tea attire or your beach party outfit at night. 

4.     Swim Shorts 

While barely-there thongs remain a crowd-favourite in Australian beaches, swim shorts are also making a comeback. 

Solid coloured beach shorts match well with all types of bikini tops. But if you are after a sexier look, you may choose to pick a bandeau top with a ring in front to achieve your desired look. You may also put on a printed kaftan over your swim shorts and desired top if you want to lounge around your favourite bar or cafe by the beach. 

5.     Ruched Pieces 

Another emerging swimwear micro-trend in Australia is the ruched bikini pieces. Fashion influencers and models are seen flaunting these swimsuits on their social media accounts. 

You can consider these sexy beachwear designs a brilliant not-to-the-scrunch swimwear look during the 1980s. But to make them look more interesting, you may look for ruched string bottoms bikini pants with ruched sides.  

Shopping for new swimsuits for the coming Australian summer should be on your list of things to do before your beach getaway begins. And it will ensure that you look and feel great while spending your time at your favourite beach destination in the country.