Turmeric for Skin: 12 Benefits and Ways to Use It

Turmeric has been used for ages in Ayurveda. People also used turmeric powder as a spice in cooking. According to multiple pieces of research, it has various benefits, especially for skin and health. People are using turmeric to treat many skin problems, and they claim that they even got good results. It can treat problems like dark circles, pimples, scarring, wounds, inflammation, etc.

It could be a somewhat new skin treatment in the western world; turmeric has piled up hundreds of years of credit as a wellbeing treatment for various skin and body issues. Now, we are about to discuss the twelve benefits of turmeric and how you can use it to get the best result.

  1. Minor wounds
  2. Scarring
  3. Acne and pimple
  4. Skin inflammation
  5. Natural glow
  6. Psoriasis
  7. Dark circles
  8. Over hair growth
  9. Minor burn
  10. To improve skin complexion
  11. Dull skin
  12. Minor bacterial infections.

Some skin problems and solutions


  1. Turmeric to moderate the hair development

A similar report found that turmeric may assist with easing back undesirable hair development. They applied Curcuma oil on 60 women’s underarms, and the time period was for 10 weeks. This oil also comes from the same family as turmeric. The examination tracked down that the oil decreased or eased back hair development on the tried region. Expect turmeric oil to work less drastically than waxing or shaving.

How to use: Start by taking two tablespoons of turmeric powder, ½ cup cold milk, salt, ½ cup flour, blending until it comes together. Apply this where you'd prefer to stop hair development. The veil will begin to disintegrate off as it dries. Flush with warm water and wipe off with a washcloth.

  1. Turmeric for lightening up the complexion

A triple shot of coffee can do some amazing things for your cerebrum, yet less for under-eye dark circles. A new report found that turmeric fundamental oil in a moisturizer detailing can light up skin inside three weeks with results that keep going similarly as long. These gleaming advantages are reasonably the consequence of incredible cancer prevention agents, and mitigating intensifies cooperating to recuperate and draw out the regular wellbeing of the skin.

How to use: You have to add a couple of drops of turmeric oil to the cream and use it like your ordinary lotion or cream. People with acne-porn and oily skin should avoid using comedogenic oil products.

  1. Turmeric to relieve psoriasis

Psoriasis is an immune system illness wherein irritation causes skin cells to expand upon one another, making textured patches that are inclined to breaking and dying.

Curcumin, the essential dynamic compound found in turmeric, contains mitigating catalysts that can battle cell creation and lessen these awkward skin patches. Studies have shown that both effective and oral curcumin can further develop manifestations of plaque psoriasis in 9–12 weeks.

Here we told you a lot about what turmeric can do. You can also use turmeric powder in your cooking as a spice. It has an antibacterial effect which will be beneficial not only for your health but also for your skin. Turmeric is perfectly safe for use and consumption, but make sure you don’t have an allergy to turmeric.