Top 4 Rules for Designing Your Business Card

When it comes to affordable and compact marketing tools, nothing can overtake business cards as the importance of these cards are very necessary for emerging and established brands. One of the great ways a brand can attract the attention of potential customers, as well as clients, is by creating a well-designed and attractive business card. Many business owners choose some aggressive colors and images for their business cards hoping that they would look great. But, it only overwhelms the appearance of the business card. To attract your audiences naturally, you need to make sure that your cards are simple yet astonishing. 

Creating a simple business card doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the identity of your brand. A minimalist design as well as attractive images and relevant information can make your business card look professional. 

So, how do you make your business cards attractive? In this article, we will discuss 4 rules for designing business cards for your company. 

Remember That First Impression is the Last Impression

Your business card will say a lot about your personality and your business’s image. Your business card design should complement your value, distinguish your company from your competitors and motivate customers to get back in touch again. If your business and working style is formal and straightforward, you need to reflect these qualities in your business card. On the other hand, if your business is less formal, you need to specify this too in your business card. Additionally, make sure you use a catchy tagline and bold colors to capture attention on some important information. 

Choose the Size and Shape

Before you start designing your business card, you need to decide the orientation and size of your business card. Choosing the correct side will not only influence the amount of information or the font size but also communicated things such as whether you’re bold non-conformist or conformist. 

Most people use horizontal or rectangular shapes for their business cards. Even though the usability of vertical cards is rare, but you can use them to stand apart from your competitors. You can also choose a triple color layer or plastic business cards that have an attractive layer between the back and front sides. 

Pick a Relevant Design

Always choose colors and designs that are relevant as per your business area so that you can create representative and recognizable business cards that will showcase your services and products. If you have a jewelry business, you need to add a foil detail. On the other hand, if you sell gemstone, you may need to include photographs of your best products. 

The selection of business card material as well as finishing touch will determine whether people can afford your products and services or not. Additionally, your choice of paper stock will also determine your professionalism while creating a business card. 

Include Contact Details

As per Shawn Graham, adding the correct contact details is as important as choosing the colors, shape, size, font and, design of your business card. Apart from the job title and name of your business, make sure you mention the location, website, telephone number, and email address of your business. You can also include social media handles if you want to boost your social media marketing strategy. Remember that your business information needs to be correct so that customers can contact you easily.


These are the 4 rules you need to keep in mind to design a marvelous business card for your company. Try to talk with a designer before you confirm the design of your business card. This way you’ll know if you’re making any mistakes. Remember that your business cards will represent your brand. So, make sure they are visually appealing.