Best Exercises for Improving Muscular Endurance

Getting into fitness is on most Australians’ checklists. While there are many reasons why you might want to get ahead when it comes to fitness, one thing's for sure—getting fit isn't easy. Whether you're looking to build some muscle or get a good start on your cardio, you need to have some muscular endurance. 

Plenty of folks don't know how to build muscular endurance, as most of us are used to the two categories of cardio and muscle-building. The good news is that there are a few great exercises that can help you get started with ease. Here are the best ones we've found.


The notorious bodyweight plank is the quintessential example of relativity in action. A minute of planking feels like a hundred years of normal time—but it's one exercise that you shouldn't avoid. Not only does this core exercise get your abs fit, but it also builds muscular endurance. 

All that time you spend planking gets those muscles working and tires them out. That’s why even a fit individual needs some practice when it comes to planking, especially if they aren't doing the exercise already. Keep in mind that you don't have to start with ninety second or minute intervals to get results. Work your way up from whichever time you can handle, and you'll eventually build up some more endurance in your abs and back.


You probably know plenty about pushups as it is, but did you know that they also build muscle endurance? These great chest exercises have proven to be an effective way to get your pectoralis muscles up and running. 

To get this effect, you'll want to consider increasing your rep range. You should start with around ten to fifteen, and move slowly to slightly higher numbers to work your muscle endurance. You'll get a good boost to your triceps and delts as well, so you practically get double the results.

Body weight squats

While plenty of fitness enthusiasts love squats, they often use them for their muscle-building quality and because they help lose calories. A good set of weighted squats helps build just about all of your leg muscles. Now, when it comes to old-fashioned body weight squats, you can also build your muscle endurance!

You do them exactly as you do normal squats, except you focus on activating all of your muscles and increasing your rep range. You'll feel the burn in several ways, but it's more than worth the effort for muscle endurance.

One-arm dumbbell rows

Plenty of muscle endurance exercises can be done with just your body weight, but some of the more effective ones might require some weights and machines. Take the one-arm dumbbell row for example. It's arguably the best way to fatigue all of your upper and mid back muscles with ease. Plus, it has basically no risk of injury while providing you with these benefits. 

If you're a regular at any gym in the Sydney CBD area, you should have more than enough benches to do your one-arm dumbbell rows. All you need is one and a weight that you can lift from the dumbbell row position. After a few sets, you'll learn quite a bit about how dumbbell rows affect your muscles.


Between yoga stretches and bodybuilding, you'll find something along the lines of a lung.e Lunges have always been a troublesome exercise. They're not easy to do in large sets, precisely because they build muscles and their endurance at the same time. It becomes easy to get exhausted when you do this exercise, but it's worth the trouble. Lunges are extremely beneficial to your leg muscles, and they can also do some good work on your back muscles. 

Whenever you're doing lunges, make sure that you use proper posture. Keep your feet together when preparing for a lunge, and make sure that your foot is flat on the floor when you complete it. At the same time, you have to get your knee to touch the floor during a lunge. 

Once you finish a lunge, get your foot back in the original position at the start of the lunge. Don't be lazy when it comes to repositioning yourself, as going backwards also builds muscles and muscle endurance. Work your way up from smaller sets to get used to this exercise. After a while, you won't have trouble doing thirty at once!


There are more than enough exercises that can help you build muscle endurance. You just need to find the ones that suit your needs best. While this isn't a simple process, it's not too difficult either. Try out some of the aforementioned exercises, and you'll be sure to start seeing results when it comes to muscle endurance. 

Plenty of reps and quick hydration will help you achieve the results you need. Your muscles will be sore, but you'll get both strength and endurance from the exercises. Keep that in mind and see if you can utilize these ideas in your training routine.