Things to consider while joining anEnglish language school in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in the world. Besides being an active business hub and commercial centre, it is home to great universities, famous for its tourism spots and entertainment options.

If you have recently moved to Toronto for business, employment or for personal reasons, then it would be a great idea to work on your English-speaking skills. Whether you are a student or a working professional, itis important to speak coherently in order to establish a good working relationship with professors/teachers or fellow colleagues respectively.Here are some things to consider before enrolling for English courses in toronto for effective communication

Check for accreditation

If you are looking forward to enrolling into a good language school, one of the first criteria would be to check if the school is recognized by Canadian or international accredited bodies. This helps in determining whether the teaching style, infrastructure and services meet the required standards.

Teaching qualification

Before you sign up for these courses, it is important to check if the school instructors are well –qualified and hold globally recognized qualifications such as CELTA, TEFL and TESOL. A great way to find this out would be to go through reviews by past students or directly talk to the language school officials for knowing the teacher’s credentials.

Class size

Another important factor to weigh in would be to know how many students have enrolled for the course. If the class strength is high, then it would be wiser to look for a new batch to receive maximum attention and focus for learning the language.

Methodology applied

While some English schools are dependent on direct learning methods that are reliant completely on speaking and can be cumbersome. Courses that involve a combination of reading and writing English prove to be beneficial – it would help to attend a taster course, which can help you understand the style of teaching.


If you have just come to Canada for higher education or studies, then it would help to find an English language school with good accommodation facilities. It would help cut the need to commute and give you an opportunity to mingle with other students.

 Also, enquire if they offer fun or extra-curricular activities to supplement your language-building skills. Group activities help in picking the language faster as it encourages higher interaction and practice the language without feeling any hesitation.

Last but not the least, it is important to check the pricing for the course and ensure that it fits into your budget. Also, find out what pricing options or packages does the institute offer for pursuing the course.