How is technology changing the hospitality and tourism industry

The use of computational innovations in the hospitality and tourism industry has helped speed up operations and the travelling process to be much more enjoyable. Besides enhancing operational efficiency, technology has also benefited consumer communication, skyrocketing the growth of even smaller companies within the industry. Here are a few areas of hospitality and tourism industry that modern-day technology has a huge impact on.
·       Technology-based marketing

The internet has made a powerful impact on the hospitality and tourism sector. It allows customers to get a wholesome first experience with a business by visiting their website. They can look at the pictures and reviews from past guests to gauge if the business is worth the shot. Which is why, hospitality and tourism businesses are effectively utilising online advertising, social media platforms, blogs and digital purchasing to help convenience their customers.

·  Digital systems

Computer systems are the major source that facilitates communication between larger hotel chains with multiple branches to connect easily. It houses a single system that can hold data related to guest requests, housekeeping information and reservations. On the other hand, it also helps keep all staffs on the same page, making it easier to access information and provide a much better guest experience.

·       Mobile gadgets

Mobile tablets and smartphones have steadily replaced large desktops, leading them to become virtually extinct. This helps travellers be connected to some type of mobile devices, while on a trip. On the flip side, businesses associated with hospitality and tourism keep their customers advised of any changes or delays to their reservations, offers, deals and advertisements, using Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking.
What’s the outcome?
·       Better organisation

With computers becoming an integral part of the travel agency and hotel business, its extensive use has brought in many new benefits. This includes faster data saving than in the past, thanks to the higher hardware speed and better software.

·       Smoother coordination

Better communication technology has a wider influence that is way past just communication with customers. Hospitality and tourism industry have now closely-bonded business connections with partner services and sponsors. High-speed internet connections allow almost instantaneous video calling and voice and text communication around the world, at a much lower cost than traditional methods such as remote or land phone connection could offer.

·       Self-service availability

One of the biggest impacts on the hospitality and
tourism industry is the subsequent increase in online or e-bookings. This allows for reservations to be taken immediately, thereby greatly reducing waiting-time and loss of productivity within individual organisations.
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