Things to keep in mind while making Alaska Airlines Reservations:

No matter what airline you fly with, you must check the policies beforehand in order to avoid last-minute disappointments. The passengers of Alaska airlines need to stick to the following things before making Alaska Airlines Reservations:

Pre-reserve your seats:

While you are making Alaska Airlines Reservations you will be able to select your seat according to your convenience. If you are fond of the window seat or aisle seat you can choose it yourself. This service is beneficial for the parent passengers as they require at least one seat along with their child in order to take care of them properly. Though this can be easily done by the cabin-crew but there is no guarantee of seat availability always. Reserve your seat well in advance to avoid such dicey situations. 

Online check-in:

There are times when the seats are not open for selection, but it should not be a problem as there are some chances to do the same. If the seats are all pre-booked for elite members then the chances are they will be available for selection few moments before check-in after the elite members have checked in. The chances are the flight is going to a popular vacation destination like Hawaii. This will make the rest of the seats available and there is no harm in cross-checking. You can use the app provided by the Alaska Airlines Reservations. 

Contact the Airline if you have made a reservation with a travel agent:

Sometimes passengers who have made a reservation with the help of a travel agent may not be able to get access to the requested seat. To avoid this situation you must contact the airline and confirm whether the requested seats are reserved for you or not. There are times when your travel agent will request the airline to reserve the requested seat for you and may receive a denial message saying “Oh, sorry this seat is not available”. And there is no guarantee that you will be passed this message for which you must confirm the same after your agent has made Alaska Airlines Reservations. It has been noticed that travel agencies like Expedia and Orbitz are also not able to reserve the seats for the passengers because of the unavailability of the seats. You simply need to visit the official website or simply install the app of Alaska Airlines in order to cross-check the reservation of the requested seats. 

Be an early bird:

Sometimes nothing mentioned above works in the off chances. You do not have to be disheartened if you have tried everything and nothing worked, maybe one last chance can save you. You can visit the airport a bit early (approx 60 minutes) because the gate agents have their duty one-hour prior to the departure of the flight. All you need to do is, talk your way to the gate agent and know if there are any seats available according to your preferences. The chances are that you will get a seat of your choice as the agent will coordinate with the rest of the passengers and do his best. But please keep in mind that there is a probability of not getting the seat according to your choice as there may be other families as well who are willing to sit together and the executive maybe not able to help you. If everyone rushes to the agents for their choices then it will be very difficult for them to manage, so one needs to understand it is hardly a matter of flight and you will be landed safely to your destination once you have made Alaska Airlines Reservations. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy:

The next thing about which we are most concerned is the baggage allowance as this helps you in knowing what to carry and what not to.
  • The patrons of Alaska are allowed to carry one carry-on baggage free of cost.
  • The airlines allow the traveler to carry one personal item free if the cost.
  • The customers will be charged a checked baggage fee according to the fare type 
  • If the passengers will carry an oversized or overweight bag they will be charged with a fee. 

To know more about the Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy, you can go to the official site of the airlines and cross-check everything before you confirm Alaska Airlines Reservations.