Top 6 Reasons Why Connectivity Issues Arise with Linksys Extender RE4100W Setup

In this advanced world of smart devices and gadgets, having a reliable & fast Internet connection has become the need of everyone. No matter whether you are at home or office, the lethargic and weak connection can frustrate you. In case you come across wireless connectivity issues while Linksys ExtenderRE4100W setup , you are not alone in the queue. These are the most common issues faced by many users.

Linksys ExtenderRE4100W setup

Do you ever think why such problems arise? Well, now need to wonder anymore about the network connectivity issues. Here in this article, we have summed up 6 widespread reasons for this network issue problem. All you have to do is just go throughout this whole post and get rid of network connectivity issues right away. So, let's begin with it.

Distance Issue

The primary reason behind the network connectivity problem is your Linksys RE4100W extender is placed too far away from your existing WiFi router. Most of the WiFi devices use radio frequency technology. It means that when the distance between your devices increases, the network connectivity strength between them will decrease. Also, if you move your computer away from Linksys extender RE4100W, internet signals start to drop.

In case if you put your Linksys extender or router near to some metal objects, thick walls, etc. between them, there might be chances you will get weak WiFi signals. All in all, ensure that your Linksys extender RE4100W and WiFi router is placed as much as close they can during Linksys extender setup.

Incorrect Wireless Settings

Wireless settings of your Linksys RE4100W must match with your existing WiFi router. If not, you will be failed to make a connection between both the router and the extender. In order to customize settings, you have to visit, and enter the default login credentials. Once done, you can easily modify the wireless settings.

WiFi Router is Placed at Poor Location
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Correct placement of the WiFi router is quite important. Placing your WiFi router in a bad or heated location may result in a poor and slow Internet connection. Because of ugly looks, some users hide the range extender in the cupboard, behind the almirah or put it behind their computer. As a result, the user face network connectivity issues during extender set up and keep on trying for Linksys extender reset to reconfigure the device, so to enhance the network speed.

Congested Network

Are your all wired or wireless devices are on the same home network? If, so it's better to check if any device is either generating an ample of traffic or not. If yes, then it will decrease the performance of other connected devices. There is only some limited pathway between the Internet and your devices. In this case, if you are trying to transmit and receive heavy data packets, they will surely slow down the Internet speed.

The simple and easy solution to fix up this problem is to shift the high-traffic device closer to the range extender. On the other hand, if possible, try to attach the heavy-traffic device with the main access point or router via an Ethernet cable, to make Linksys extender RE4100W setup easy.

Firmware is Outdated

If the firmware of your Linksys extender is outdated, then it is one of the main reason that you might encounter network connection problems. To fix this, update your Linksys extender firmware as soon as possible.

Wireless Interferences

Internet connection is susceptible to interferences that can result in poor wireless signals. These obstructions can cause signals to be either reflected or absorbed. Here is the list of few obstructions-
  • Smartphones
  • Cordless phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Electronic appliances
  • Other wireless network devices

To fix up this issue, try to change network SSID name of your existing WiFi router, to avoid overlapping of channels.

Sum Up
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We hope that our article on Linksys extender RE4100W setup will be helpful for you. Somehow, if you still have some sort of query related to Linksys extender setup feel free to share with us via comments.