How to Find in-home WiFi Network SSID and Password

In order to connect your WiFi-enabled devices to a secure in-home wireless network, you need the WiFi name and password. Generally, users change their WiFi network SSID and  password during Netgear extender setup. And once their devices get connected, they feel no need to remember the password anymore.

But when they connect a new WiFi-enabled device to your network, it asks for password. As the most users forgot their password, so they become unable to connect their devices. Well, if you are also sailing in the same boat, here is the rescue plan.

Whether you have changed the default WiFi password or not, it is extremely simple to find the password of your home wireless network. Just follow the steps given in this post and find your home WiFi network name and password. Read on.

Find Home WiFi SSID and Password

Check the Manual of Your Router

If you have never changed the username and password of your network, then it is very easy to find these details. Almost all Netgear routers and extenders come with a default network name and password. When you purchase your router or extender, you will get a manual along with it. This manual contains the default details of your wireless network.

To find the default WiFi network SSID and password, check the manual and use the default details mentioned in it. As soon as you have connected to your router using the default password, ensure to change and save it in your password manager to secure your router.

In case you have lost your user manual, go for the next method to find in-home WiFi network name and password.

Use the Standard WiFi Name and Password

Connect your device to the home WiFi network using the standard WiFi name and password. In case the device connects, it means you have successfully found your SSID and passphrase. If you still have any issue, continue to the next step.

Log in to Your Netgear Extender

Launch an internet browser on your computer and go to mywifiext web-based page. It is the default login page for Netgear WiFi extenders. Once a pop-up window will open, type the username and password and click next button.
  • After login, follow the steps given below:
  • Click on the Wireless section and select the Settings.
  • In the SSID field, you will find the network name.
  • In the password field, you will be able to see your current wireless passphrase. 
  • That's how you can find your wireless network name and password to connect your devices.

Find the Current WiFi Password on Windows PC

On the off chance that you have connected to your home WiFi network from a Windows PC, the OS will remember that network's password. You can find the password on any Windows computer which is currently connected to that wireless network.

In order to look up the password for your WiFi network, head over to Network and Sharing Center. After that, click on Open network and sharing center. Now, click on the Show Characters button and see your network password.

Once done, connect your device to your home WiFi network and try accessing web-based page.
Here ends our multiple ways to find your in-home WiFi network SSID and password. If you know any other way to get the job done, don't forget to share that with us via the comments section below.