Offshore Injury and Accident Lawyer

Workers offshore are exposed to a great deal of risk and danger during work. You need an expert offshore injury and accident lawyer to support you in court and make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to if you were hurt on an offshore job site. Only these expert lawyers has the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the complex marine laws. 

Workers Offshore vs. Seafarers

Offshore accidents and injuries can happen not just on ships at sea but also on offshore rigs and platforms. These diverse circumstances are covered by several marine regulations. The best person to advise you on which legislation applies to you and your circumstances is an experienced marine lawyer.

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Lands on the Outer Continental Shelf Act

For example, you are not considered a seaman if you operate on a platform or rig, but you are still protected by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). This statute, which was designed to cover workers who did not meet the requirements for seafarers or harbor workers, functions similarly to a form of federal workers' compensation.

Act of Jones

The Jones Act applies to you if you meet the requirements to be considered a seaman, which includes spending a sizable amount of your working hours on a vessel in navigation.

If you are hurt in an accident while on your ship offshore, you are entitled to compensation under this statute.

Offshore mishaps can happen on moving ships, permanent constructions, or continental shelf platforms. In either case, you'll need legal assistance navigating the system from a lawyer knowledgeable in the regulations pertaining to offshore accidents.

Categories of Offshore Mishaps and Damage

There are numerous scenarios in which working offshore could result in harm or even death, making it a risky job.

For example, you might have sustained injuries in an accident for which you are not responsible. It's possible that you were tossed from a functional staircase on your ship due to inclement weather.

Any of these circumstances can be assisted by an offshore injury attorney. Even if there was no fault on your part, your lawyer will assist you in figuring out how to receive compensation for the accident.

Real accidents that aren't caused by carelessness are rare. Regretfully, in the majority of offshore mishaps, employer safety measures may have saved your life.

Your employer is in charge of making sure, for example, that all personnel are properly trained, that safety equipment is available, and that a ship and all of its equipment are in good operating order. An employer is considered negligent if they fail to take any action that could prevent an accident.

If your accident happened aboard a vessel at sea or on an offshore structure, you are entitled to compensation. This is accurate in cases where negligence or actual accident occurred.

In any scenario, you require a top-notch attorney to guide you through the legal process and identify the statute of limitations that applies to your specific kind of offshore mishap.

How to Get Help from an Offshore Attorney

Too frequently, when a maritime worker sustains an injury at work, the insurance provider and employer attempt to withhold payment or make an inadequate settlement offer.

For this reason, if you have suffered injuries in an offshore accident, legal assistance is essential. Your company can try to give you money right away and have you sign a document committing you to not suing them later for extra money. This is not a good place to settle. To ensure you receive what is rightfully yours, see a lawyer instead.

It is not easy to fight an employer who is supported by a large insurance company. Although your claims are supported by a number of maritime rules, there are numerous ways that you could go wrong in your pursuit of what is rightfully yours.

A lawyer may assist you in determining which laws apply to you, how to submit a claim, and what errors to avoid, such failing to file within the applicable statute of limitations.

Usually, submitting a claim is insufficient to receive compensation. Your employer will probably continue to contest that allegation. By defending you, a lawyer will also be of assistance. X

The best chance of receiving compensation in the end is to have an experienced offshore lawyer represent your rights, even if you have to go to trial or arbitration.

Locating a Skilled Offshore Maritime Attorney

  • Following an injury sustained offshore, you should take the following actions right away:
  • Report an accident to your employer.
  • Seek medical attention and maintain documentation.
  • Locate a top-notch attorney to assist you. 

One of these three essential steps is choosing the correct attorney to help guarantee you get compensation to cover lost wages, pay for all of your medical expenses, and assist you in getting well following the accident.

Seek out a legal professional with expertise in offshore injuries and maritime law. Choose neither a workers' compensation attorney nor a personal injury attorney. It's possible that these experts are not familiar with the marine legislation that concerns you.

Choose an attorney who specializes in maritime law and has assisted clients just like you in obtaining settlements from insurance companies and employers. You can only be certain that you have tried your hardest to obtain the money you need and deserve by working with a lawyer like this.