The 6 Basic Factors to Consider When Renting a Forklift

At a point, you will require certain machinery to help you make your operations more efficient. Forklifts are widely used in many industries. A forklift is a form of machinery that is used in moving and shipping heavy loads. Having a forklift will help in performing these tasks. It is more economical to rent a forklift than to purchase one. The rental forklift is beneficial if you want to keep the operational costs at a minimum. There are many types of forklift models available in the market today. Selecting the right forklift requires understanding some factors. In this article, we are going to tackle various factors one has to consider when renting a forklift. There are innumerable companies which one can rent this machinery from. For instance, fresno equipment rental.

Different types of forklifts.

  1. Electric pallet jack. It is also known as a lift truck. This type of forklift is powered using a battery-powered electric engine. They are ideal for quick movements and handling of pallets. 
  2. Motorized hand forklifts. The motorized hand forklifts can be run in both walking and stand-up positions. One can use them with the work-saver fork to lift pallets a few inches from the ground level.
  3. Warehouse forklift. These types of forklifts are designed to handle most of the warehouse functions such as moving pallets of goods and light material handling.
  4. Order picker. These forklifts are designed to ensure safety within the warehouse. The workers will control the machinery from a master head position. The height of the forklift can be adjusted to the specific shelf for order picking. These forms of forklifts are safe to use since the height can be easily adjusted.
  5. Heavy-duty forklift. They are also referred to as large-capacity forklifts. This machinery is commonly used in shipping yards, ports, and even in heavy industrial settings.
  6. Rough terrain forklifts. This machinery is designed to carry out tasks in uneven or unpaved terrain. They are featured with large pneumatic tires and more gear solutions to enhance safety when working on these surfaces. Rough terrain forklifts are commonly used in industrial settings and agricultural areas. This is because these surfaces have no concrete or pavements. They are structured with larger and longer bodies to increase the lift capacity. These features help increase both the productivity and reliability of these machines.

Hereby are the factors to consider when renting a forklift

  1. Size. Forklifts come in different sizes and capacities. Each forklift is designed to handle different levels of capacity. If you rent a forklift that cannot handle the weight of the load, you may end up damaging it hence incurring additional costs. Having excess weight on the forklift can even damage the motor hence reducing the efficiency of the forklift. The load size will help determine the size of the forklift required to carry out the task.  There should be enough stability when lifting and transporting the load to avoid any damage. Ideally, the forklift should have the same size as the load.
  2. Cargo type. You have to be aware of the type of packaging of your cargo. This will help with the type of pallets and forklifts to use. The forklift supplier can rent the forklift along with special attachments. These attachments will ensure that any delicate cargo is handled more carefully. You will also be provided with a suitable for length to support the load.
  3. The maximum height you will be required to lift the load. You need to determine the maximum height at which the load is required to be lifted. For instance, if will want the cargo will be stored on a nine-meter high rack in a specific corner of the warehouse, then you will have to rent a forklift that can lift the cargo a little above the nine meters.  
  4. The environment. The forklifts are designed to suit different environments and surfaces. If you are using the forklifts indoors, then you will be required to have an electric unit. You will need a unit that can handle poor hazards such as poor soil conditions and inclement weather when operating outdoors.
  5. The duration you will rent the forklift.  You will have to determine the duration you will rent the forklift. This helps with budgeting. Extending the renting days can help one maximize the value of the rental hence lowering the monthly charges. This is applicable if you have been renting from that particular firm for a while. If you are a new customer, then the contract approval may take a week. It is always advisable to book the machinery a few days before the desired schedule of use.
  6. The reputation of the forklift rental provider. Before settling on a particular forklift supplier, you need to be aware of their reputation. You can get the reputation of the company by reading the reviews of previous clients. The reviews can be posted on their websites or their social media platforms. You can also get good company through referrals and recommendations from friends and family members. You should be aware of the service level agreements. Before getting the forklifts, you have to inspect their condition to ensure they are in the right condition to work. You may be given a damaged forklift which you will be required to pay for the repair cost once the contract is over.

Renting a forklift is affordable because you can get a high-capacity forklift at a fair cost. This will in turn help reduce operational costs. There is a lot of flexibility in renting as you can choose the best forklift that suits your operational requirements. You can easily change the machine if it does not fit your needs. If you will require a forklift for a short duration, you can consider renting one. Buying the machinery will be too costly because you will not use it on regular basis.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when renting a forklift. The above article has illustrated some of the factors. These factors include the reputation of the renting company, duration, the environment you will be operating from, cargo type, and even the maximum height of the cargo will be lifted. These factors will help one make the right decisions before renting the forklift.