Tacks to Fix Nighthawk Router Firmware Update Failure Issue

Users owning Netgear wireless routers prefer performing router firmware update via the Netgear Nighthawk login details so that they can experience a top-notch performance of their devices at every given hour of the day. But, most of them fail to execute the process. Are you one of them? In case, you are nodding, then this article is surely written for you. Here, we have discussed some troubleshooting tacks following which resolving the issue at hand will become a piece of cake for you. Taking this into consideration, continue reading.

What First?

Before you get down to any troubleshooting hack below, it is recommended that you try to restart your Netgear wireless router. The reason being, restarting the device has helped many users to get rid of technical issues. Chances are that the same might help you out.

In order to restart your Netgear router, you need to go through these instructions:

×        Turn the power button on the router off.

×        Disconnect the router from the wall socket it is connected to.

×        Wait for a couple of seconds.

×        Reconnect the router to the electrical socket.

×        Press the power button to make the device up and running.

×        Let the power LED located on the device become solid.

After giving your networking device a fresh start, check if you are able to fix the Netgear router firmware update failure issue. On the off chance, you are still trying to make amends with it; it is recommended that you walk through the below-mentioned tacks.

[Fixed] Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed Issue

1.      Change the Connection Source

Using a wireless source to connect the Netgear wireless router to the existing modem has proved to be fatal for many because of its non-reliable nature. If you have also made the mistake of connecting the devices wirelessly, then you have got to do something about it.

We would suggest that you use a wire to connect the networking devices. To be specific, make use of an Ethernet cable. Ensure that it is damage-free. Additionally, the newly established connection ought to be finger-tight.

2.      Update the Internet Browser

An outdated web browser very much has the capability to stop one from accessing certain pages online. This brings us to the second reason why the Netgear router firmware update process failed. To troubleshoot the issue, consider updating your internet browser.

What is that? Wondering how to get your internet browser updated? Yes? Well then, make your way to the Settings menu of your browser and click on the Update Browser button. For this, you need to click on the three-dotted option first.

3.      Download the Correct Version

Every Netgear router has a model number attached to it. In order to perform Netgear router firmware update using the Nighthawk admin login credentials, one needs to make use of the model when and where required.

Have you considered the possibility that you might have entered the wrong model number during the process? If not, do so now. In case, what we are assuming is true, then you already know what to do about the problem.

4.      Update the Firmware Again

Sometimes, technical glitches are enough to cause issues related to a Netgear Nighthawk router. You might be unable to update the firmware of your networking device due to the same reason. Considering this, simply just update the firmware again.

This time, prefer using another method to go about the process. For example, if you were using the manual method to perform Netgear router firmware update, then use the mobile app, i.e. the Nighthawk app now. It is a much easier method in comparison.


These were the troubleshooting tacks through which the Netgear router firmware update failure issue can be resolved. Hopefully, one of the above-given hacks will be able to help you out. In case, you are still stuck with the Nighthawk router firmware update error then it means that you have not configured your networking device properly.

To take care of the problem, the solution here is pretty simple. You need to reconfigure your Netgear wireless router. If you want to know how to execute the process with ease, then consider going through the instructions mentioned in the user manual. Trust us; doing so will surely help you achieve Netgear router setup success.