A Concise Guide to ‘Fitting In’ When You First Move to California

It may well be the case that you have never even left your particular state, let alone made the journey to vacation in the Golden State of California, or else maybe you have been a regular visitor to California for many years.

Either way, if you have made the exciting and brave decision to relocate to California, then aside from the myriad of other tasks on your mind, you will naturally want to fit in with your new neighbors and become a true Californian.

With this in mind, continue reading for a concise guide to ‘fitting in’ when you first move to California.

Access Your Inner Meditative Calling

First and foremost, living in California means that, above all else, it is time to start paying extra care to ensure that you are practicing mindfulness and both mind and body meditation as part of your regular daily routine.

The emphasis on promoting and being part of a health-conscious culture in terms of physical wellness is equaled by the importance of nurturing your emotional health and wellbeing. From hiking and running the trails through the great Runyon Canyon to embracing the green smoothie and never being more than ten inches from your water bottle, it is time to embrace the ‘body is a temple’ mindset.

First Appearances Do Count!

Looking after your aesthetic appearance as a new Californian resident is important, but not so much in terms of weight. Still, more focused on casual and stylish clothing, perfectly manicured nails from established salons such as House of Elan,and the latest hairstyle, all become much more important. When you look the part, you will have more confidence to make the most out of your new life in California and blend in with the locals.

Make the Most of the Climate

It is often said, only as half a joke amongst locals, that it is easy to spot a non-Californian in a crowd by the fact that they do not have a tan.

Rather than just being a superficial observation, this refers more to the fact that the state of California has truly spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty. Atrue Californian loves nothing more than spending as much time as possible outdoors.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to the variety of outdoor pursuits, from hiking and climbing, touring wine country, and involving yourself in the wide selection of water sports too.

Learn the Local Phrases

Finally, when it comes to conversing and bonding with your new Californian colleagues and neighbors, you should also strive to learn the local phrases.

To pass as an authentically native Californian, you should never refer to the northern and southern areas as ‘north and south.’ You should instead call them either NorCal or SoCal, respectively. The word ‘heavy’ refers to a person’s depressive emotional state, ‘cruise’ means to take a trip and not just by boat and ‘gnarly’ is anything on the extreme end of the spectrum.

By following these tips, you will fit in with the Californians in no time.