5 Top Places to Visit on a Hobart Tour

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is a rural country isolated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait. Hobart has a significant airport with connections to other Australian states and countries such as Singapore and Indonesia. The exquisite natural environment and culinary adventures in this location are well-known. About 3.2% of Hobart, Tasmania's total domestic product, or $1.11 billion, comes from tourism. And anyone choosing to take a Hobart tour should be well-informed about where they want to travel because there is so much to see and learn.

1.     MONA Museum

This unusual museum is a lot of fun for art enthusiasts. Visitors from Australia and worldwide go to the museum to see the newest cutting-edge exhibits. Visitors are asked to utilise a smartphone app to explain the specifics of the exciting pieces because there are no signs or information about the artwork elsewhere. The David Walsh Museum is so well-liked by adults that it is frequently referred to as an adult Disneyland, despite the controversy surrounding the museum's large display of his nude work. The museum's cafe and wine bar serve some of Tasmania's greatest food and beverages.

2.     Mount Wellington

Hobart is situated on Mount Wellington, also known by its Aboriginal name Kunanee, which means "mountain." This location, at a dramatic elevation of 1271 metres above sea level, provides breathtaking views of the city and port. Plan your visit carefully. It is known for the mountains to snow, albeit it usually does so in the clouds, which can obscure the view, even in the summer. Hiking and mountain biking are the only recreational options available in the mountains. At the top is an all-weather viewing area where you may shield yourself from the weather.

3.     Port Arthur Historic Site

During the British Empire, Port Arthur was renowned for housing British captives. One of the most intriguing things to do in the area of Hobart is to visit this World Heritage Site. The location is an hour and a half from Hobart and has an approximate 100-acre total area. It features ancient structures and ruins and acts as a location for several public gatherings. Guided excursions are available to destinations including Death Island, the prison area, and the coal mines.

4.     Battery Point

The Hobart Waterfront and Salamanca Market can be found within easy walking distance of Battery Point, the city's historic district. It will seem as though you have travelled back in time while you are here. A visit here is worthwhile! Explore this historic neighbourhood by ascending the Colonial Kerry Stairs. You can envisage how the area appeared a century ago as you stroll through the charming streets and lanes. Streets remain the same as before! You may swiftly visit Hobart and many other locations in Hobart by hopping on and off a bus if you want to avoid walking there. Visit this area of the city on this well-reviewed walking tour with a local guide; however, if you want to go deeper and learn more.

5.     Tour Cascade Brewery

The tastiest beers can be found at Cascade Brewery, one of the top things to do on the Hobart tour. The early 1800s saw the establishment of Cascade Brewery, known for its massive Pale Ale production. The tour concludes with an amazing sampling after lunch at a cafe. With his 30-minute interactive seminars, the brewery has also started a brewery school where students can learn how to produce the ideal beer. Aside from the renowned pale ale, it would help if you also sampled the dry, lager, and stout beers.