Tape-In Hair Extensions: Make Yourself Feel Young

Did you know that Ariana Grande's Ponytail increased hair extension sales by 50% in Australia in 2018? Undoubtedly, people inspired by pop stars never cease, so tape in hair extensions are always in trend. They are available in 20-inches, 14-inches, and 24-inches and add volume to your hair.

If you want to feel young and make your mane glamorous, explore hair extensions’ pros and cons. This blog will help you understand the top reasons you should use hair extensions.

How Are These Hair Extensions Installed?

These hair extensions essentially come with panels that are pre-taped. They use a strong adhesive and are wide by an inch. They are made using Remy hair and real human hair or synthetic hair. You can get the best results by using Remy human hair, as their hair cuticles are intact, and they are generally collected from a single donor.

The extensions generally last for 4-8 weeks as they are semi-permanent. But their longevity depends on the care they get and how fast your natural hair grows. Typically, these hair extensions must be installed by a professional. Following is the process:

       The professional first removes the adhesive from the extension.

       They take a thin strip of your hair and sandwich them between the extensions.

       Applying tapeins at the back of the head needs to be done carefully as the wefts are only an inch wide.

        Also, the adhesive is very thin, so the tapeins will feel light and lay flat against your head and blend well with your natural hair.

       Professionals will ensure the hair extensions are distributed evenly in terms of length, texture, and volume around the head to help you get a natural look.

Pros and Cons of These Extensions

While installing these extensions is easy, it is best to know the pros and cons. You should also know that the cost of these hair extensions varies depending on the brand, hair type, and stylist application fee. However, the hair generally costs between 160 AUD and 3,040 AUD.


       These hair extensions are easy to install, and they are the safest.

       The hair extension panels are thin, lightweight, and cover a larger area.

       They do not damage the hair as much compared to other methods.

       These extensions are the fastest to install. They typically take 10-30 minutes to increase volume and 40-60 minutes to increase your hair length.

       You can reuse the extension, and they last for 4-8 weeks.

       They are natural looking and comfortable.

    Hairstylists find this method easy to learn as there are no heat tools or special equipment required to install it.


       You cannot wash your hair to sweat a lot for 1-2 days after getting the extensions.

       The extensions' bond needs more time to cure and adhere to your hair.

    You might need to invest extra money in shampoo and conditioners that are silicone and sulphate free. They need to be free of oils to ensure your extensions remain intact.

       Some extensions may leave a sticky residue when applied.

Tape in hair extensions are the easiest and safest method to make your hair voluminous. They are the fastest way to make your hair look young, even though they are expensive. While you can DIY these hair extensions, it is best to get them installed by a licensed cosmetologist.

So, understand the procedure of installing hair extensions and their pros and cons to get the best extensions to make you feel gorgeous!