How To Protect Your WiFi Network From Hackers

This specific article will help you to decrease the likelihood of hackers stealing your personal information through WiFi. There are some expert tips to secure your WiFi network. See the list below.

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Change Username And Password

Passwords play an essential role in the security of WiFi networks. You must change your router username and password not regularly  but from time to time. Follow these few steps to change your WiFi username and password.

     Firstly open a web browser on your mobile phone or computer.

     Now, enter the re.rockspace.local URL bar of the web browser.

     Enter the typical address of your router and enter the username and password.

     Open The Wireless connection which is provided to you.

     Now, create a strong password with the use of the letter, numbers, or special character.

     Remember, a strong password contains at least 8 digits.

     Finally, Now save your change so that you can connect to your wireless network by the use of a new password.

Modern WIFi network also includes the guest network with its password and SSID. In this case, don't share your primary password with any guest. Otherwise, guests can connect to your main network with their devices.

Use Of Firewalls

A firewall acts as a shield and in this process you can separate your device from the internet. Some openings are known as ports and they communicate with your device. Firewall prevents your device from hackers.

Like an antivirus program, you can use other security software. Hardware firewalls are applicable when you view the business sector. Software firewalls are mainly used for homes because they are affordable.

Place Your Router In The Central Location

The signal of the router radiates in all directions of your house so you must have to place your router in the central location of your house to provide more security to the internet.

However, when you place your router near the window then the signal will also move outside the area of the house. So, the possibility of tracing the wifi signal is very high. Place your router on the cardboard box or cover your router with foil paper for good WiFi speed and protect your WiFi from hackers.

Authorized MAC Address

MAC address is found in every Wi-Fi-connected device. The network card of the identifier is unique.

     Go to the settings of the router and select MAC filtering.

     These are the same settings that you tweaked during Rockspace wifi extender setup.

     Which is found in the wireless security functions.

     Now, save all the changes.

     You can also authorize this to advanced network filters.

Update Your device

Malware and viruses may affect many devices because these are connected to the private/public network. Firstly, check the files before transferring them to the computer because these files may also contain a virus.

You can maintain a system with anti-malware or firewalls. Always keep your WiFi device updated and sure that portable devices must be safe. Many hackers use different ways to hack data. To avoid these issues you can make some changes by following these steps.

Switch Off WiFi Network

When you are not at home make sure that you switch off your wifi network at that time. It is the best idea to put out the plug of the device from the connection because without a network connection hackers can't steal your data.

     Go to the settings and select WiFi.

     Click on the option of a turn-off to switch off the WiFi network.

Turn On The Encryption Of the Wireless Network

Encryption is the security process by which you can protect the information that you have sent on the internet. Many routers have built-in encryption. You can set your security by using wireless encryption like WPA and WPA2.

     Go to the settings under the Rockspace router/ extender login portal and select the configuration of wireless network selection on the net web page.

     Select the option of WPA and WPA2 and save them in settings.

     After the changes, you may restart your router.

Final Words

I hope this article will help you to save your wifi network from hackers. Stay tuned for further updates.