9 Signs You Are Stuck With The Internet

 Your house is full of video gaming, working, and news binging, in a continuous flow. However, you are falling back, the issue is from your end.

Try to figure out by using these simple tips, to get back to your Orbi login before calling ISP. 

Connection Is More Important

Before, anything we must say keeping up a strong connection is more important. In addition to smart home devices, online gaming platforms,

And free flow video- streaming services.

Maybe you are in a condition where you are unable to play a video game of your choice or it is taking almost a day like forever to download your favorite playlist or movie. you must have to struggle with your back end as, this problem is not caused because of the (ISP). 

While you start messing up with the cable company, check some of our tips. Which will definitely help in troubleshooting the internet related issues.

Check Your Internet Package

Check for the internet top up, as the internet is even slower than your expectations or head to a site which tests the speed of the site.

Well just open a new window meanwhile, to run a speed test. 

You will get the actual speed test numbers of your computer in the megabits per second, check the bill and try to head your ISP website markedly check your bill details also.

It can assure you while most companies mention the numbers on the bill they give. If it is the same then you are paying for the correct speed.

If it is still slow maybe you need to go for some new plans.

something faster. Yes, actually what you exactly need. But, if this one is also not the exact issue then you should continue with troubleshooting tips. Read and choose what is good for you.

Adjust the router's antennas

Position the Orbi router login antennas straight in the direction of the ceiling up in the air. As, the position of the antennas matter in the case of the router. If the router has two antennas then place them straight. If there are four antennas then try to point them two in the vertical directions and the other two horizontally. So, the signal should cover a wide area.

Ethernet connections

The light on the Orbi login router will indicate whether the device connection you have made using an ethernet to router is direct or not.This will provide some of your devices with wired connections to the internet , as opposed to wireless connections.

However, the router I am running right now has four ports on the back.

After having a look at the router; it is clear that a numbering has been given from 1 to 4.

What are the different states the ethernet lights can be in?


If the Orbi router is directly forming the relation with the ethernet port, the light will automatically get on.


If you are not using ethernet from the back of the router, the lights on the port will be off. 

If the port is has made connection with an the ethernet; but not with any device then also the lights will remain off or hardly visible.


If the USB device is in connection with the router then also then only the lights will be visible. The USB port can also be used to provide network storage to a device like printers. 

So, most of the USB ports come with a number of USB ports, if your router is not having one then it may be causing an issue so you check it first. As a result , it can be a big issue which can be making your internet slower.

What are the different states the USB light can be in?


If the light gets on then it means the router gets on with the USB port.


If the USB light starts flashing, the USB device is well plugged and is being identified by the router.


There is no connection yet if any of the light on the router is on or either flashing. So be aware of these issues while you are up for troubleshooting your device.


We have tried helping you a lot with many troubleshooting tips, so consider them and apply them. I am sure if one tip will not work then try shooting them with others.