Slow Internet How Creates A Problem And How To Fix It

WIFI is the most important thing in our life. We can't do anything without it. Working from home, listening to music, and watching movies are all things that are possible only for a wireless connection. However, when it creates problems the time situation is very inconvenient. So here we are discussing major problems of slow internet

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Slow Speed Of Internet 

If You are connected to many devices at the same time, then the overall speed of the internet can be slow. This problem is created when you live with multiple people. Your WIFI signal can go slow.

How Do You Fix this Problem

Suppose you are facing the problem of slow internet at your home. Then don't panic, we will give you a simple solution to solve this problem. So an extender is the best opinion for getting high-speed on the network. If you don't know how to set the extender at your home by yourself then you can check the wavlink extender setup steps and follow them to solve your problems.

The Modem Is Not Connecting

Your internet may be disconnected randomly because your modem doesn't communicate properly with your internet provider. For home internet, you will need a modem that translates the provider's signal into data for your home network which you can use.

How Do You Fix This Problem

In your home, check the location of your modem. The cable is connected to a modem to a wall outlet. If you check everything then contact your internet service provider to see if the modem receives the signals correctly.

Outdated router

A common culprit for the connection issues is an old wireless router. If you buy a new iPhone 13-which supports wifi 6- If you connect your phone to a slower wifi 4 then the speed of the internet is slow. 

Wifi 6 is also known by the name 802.11ax

Faulty Cables

The disconnection of the internet will start to begin if you have old, loose, or damaged cables.

There are three common cables for the home internet connection 

  • Coaxial cables  

This connects a wireless and a modem gateway to the cable TV which was entering from your home 

  • Phone cables:-

This connects a wireless and a modem gateway to the telephone which was entering from your home 

  • Ethernet cables:-

These types of cable also connect the set-top box, computer, consoles, and more to the router or the wireless gateways 

How Do You Fix This Problem

Make sure the cables are connected and securely in place. You can also buy a new cable to solve this problem from Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Technical Problems In Network

Internet may keep going due for several reasons:-

  • Your service provider has a poor network coverage

  • Having a weak infrastructure

  • Need to address the technical issues

How Do You Fix This problem? 

Call your Internet service provider to solve this problem whenever you can go to and follow the setup steps 

More About problems of Disconnection

  • Problems With Fibre Internet:-

Fibre internet is the most reliable connection which you can get. It runs over cables filled with glass fibers that can slow the speed of the internet. Fiber cables become exposed at a street level because installers can put them into the shallow.

How Do You Fix This problem?

Call your Internet service provider to solve this problem. The service provider will get it back up if anyone cuts the line.

  • Disconnection problems with internet cables:-

Most of the wifi worked with wired cables. The s[eed of the internet has been slow due to many people connecting to the wifi at the same time.

How Do You Solve This Problem?

A loose cable will also give you connection problems, First, you have to change your cable.

If the cable looks secure, contact your service provider. If your connections may need any repair or modem will need any replacement. Disconnect all the unknown wifi from the settings to improve internet speed.


I hope this article helps you to solve the problem regarding the slow speed of the internet.If you don’t have knowledge about routers and extenders then you can go to wavlink router login to solve your problem regarding the slow speed of the internet.