How to Plan for an Office Move

In 2020, about 36 million Americans requested a change of address. An office move can be a stressful event and create disruptions in your day-to-day operations. 

It's often hard to get back to normal after moving office. Moving can reduce productivity, decrease employee morale, take time, and cost money. While office moves are sometimes inevitable, they must be appropriately planned to minimize stress.

Keep reading for helpful hints and tips to successfully prepare for a move.

Review Your Current Lease

Know how much time you have left on your lease. Be aware of any restrictions on breaking your lease to avoid surprises. You may consider subleasing part of your space if you have a long-term lease.

Announce the Move to Your Staff

Announce the move to your staff early on and give them plenty of notice. This way, they can start to plan for the change and be prepared for any disruptions. It's essential to follow up with your staff after the move to ensure they are settling in and that the transition has been successful.

Make a Decommissioning Plan

This plan should include a timeline for when you will start packing up and moving out. It should also have a list of everything that needs to be done to close up your old office, such as canceling utilities, transferring phone lines, and returning keys to the landlord.

Once you have a decommissioning plan, you can start planning for your move. You should create a timeline and budget for the move and start collecting quotes from moving companies. It would be best if you also started planning to set up your new office space, including ordering new furniture and equipment.

Check out Blu Skips to get some info on the rates of moving companies and the inclusions of their services. Make sure to book your office moving in advance to ensure the availability of the company you're dealing with.

Designate an In-Office Moving Team

Before you can start packing boxes and booking a moving truck, you must plan for your office move. The in-office moving team will be responsible for packing up their office space and coordinating with the movers on the day of the move.

The moving team should label all the boxes with their contents and the new office location. You can also get packing tips from your movers. It will make it easy for the movers to know where everything goes on the day of the move. 

On the day of the move, the moving team should be on-hand to answer any questions the movers have and to help them with the unloading process. Once everything is in the new office, the moving team can start unpacking and setting up their new space.

Preparing for an Office Move

If your business is planning an office move, create a detailed plan and budget for the move. Hire a reliable moving company, and make sure to pack and label all of your belongings properly. Don't forget to notify your employees and customers of the upcoming move and provide them with clear instructions on what to do on moving day.

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