First Time at Disney World? 3 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Trip

Every year more than 58 million people visit Disney world.

Disney world offers an escape from reality and provides amazing activities for all ages. So, if you’re planning a family trip, consider going to Disney World. The idea is to enjoy Disney’s water parks, resort area, and shows.

Given it’s your first tour, you need to create a list of things to do.

Here are three Disney world tips and tricks to make the most of your trip.

1. Create an Activities List

When visiting Disney world for the first time, many people forget to develop an activities list. It’s overwhelming for these people to decide what to do at Disney World. Some try to do everything, yet impossible to partake in all activities Disney world offers.

To have a great experience, decide beforehand the specific attraction sites at Disney world you’ll visit. Create a Disney vacation schedule to guide you on what to do on a given day at a given time.

2. Avoid the Crowds

Most people’s memories of Disney world are long queues and overcrowded theme parks. These people will strongly advise you against taking a Disney trip. They’ll claim the huge crowds will ruin your Disney experience.

Although these people are partially right, don’t cancel your plans to visit Disney World. Instead, use a crowd calendar to know the best time to go on a Disney vacation. You want to buy Disney tickets for less-crowded months to have a wonderful experience.

3. Choose Between On and Off Property Hotels

When planning a Disney trip, you need to consider your accommodation options. So, review the costs and amenities of on and off-property hotels. You want to choose an option that offers amazing accommodation amenities at a fair rate.

And that’s why you should learn more about Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and how it works. You want to get insights into the points chart for DVC. The idea is to discover more about deluxe-level Disney resorts and how much it costs to rent them.

Finally, knowing your chosen accommodation will affect your movement and overall Disney experience. If you choose off-property hotels, you’ll have to drive to the park every day. Also, you’ll have to pay a parking fee.

On the hand, if you choose on-property hotels, you’ll use the complimentary Disney transportation.

Learn the Top Disney World Tips and Tricks to Have a Wonderful Experience

Visiting the Disney world is a dream come true for many people. So, to have a great time learn the above Disney world tips and tricks. Create an activities list to guide you on places to visit and things to do during your Disney trip.

Also, use a crowd calendar to know the best time to go on a Disney vacation. The idea is to visit Disney during less crowded times of the year to have a wonderful experience.

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