Do Holidays Highlight Addicts' Drug or Alcohol Problem

During the holiday season, it becomes painfully obvious that someone needs help with drugs or alcohol. Now is the time to address the problem. Of course, you don't want to send someone you love to alcohol or drug rehab centers, or to detox, during the holidays, but unless you want another holiday where you're also painfully reminded of their condition, you should do something about it now. The other factor, of course, is that their health is in danger, and so are their lives. Whether they are taking street drugs, prescription drugs, or drinking, they are in a position where, honestly speaking, you never know what's going to happen next.A lot of people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to drugs and alcohol even though they may know the various things that could happen. For example:

·     Six thousand people die from prescription drug overdoses every year, even though they are not taking outrageous amounts of those drugs, according to online suboxone doctors.

·         People die or are seriously injured from drinking and driving, even if they are not the ones driving, and they might even be a pedestrian who's been drinking or taking drugs and not paying enough attention to what's going on the road.

·         Alcohol damages the liver. And they know that the liver is responsible for getting rid of toxins in the body – and if the liver isn't functioning well, the body gets sicker and sicker. You can expect someone who drinks to die earlier than they should have.

·         Drugs and alcohol ruin marriages, careers, finances, and both physical and mental health and well-being.

·         Alcohol and drugs often subject children to one form of abuse or another, even if it is just being ignored.

·         Children of people who take drugs or drink are going to experience social problems because of their parents.

·         If a woman gets pregnant but has been taking drugs, then that child is at risk of being born a drug addict and going through horrible pain while trying to withdraw from whatever their mother was taking.

·         Or, if their mother has been drinking, the child may be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – a condition that will guarantee physical and mental dysfunction that will probably prevent the child from caring for themselves even as they grow into their teens and adulthood, they will die quite young.

·         A vast number of people are in prison because they were caught with drugs or alcohol or because they were involved in some kind of drug or alcohol-related crime – like theft, drunk driving, or worse.

·         We also see the hell that celebrities go through trying to get off drugs and alcohol – it's not pretty.

So, why, when we know all of this, do we delay in getting that person the help they need? A big part of it is that we do not know what to do. Well, the answer to that is simple: get in touch with a drug rehab center that specializes in helping people find the right solution for their drug or alcohol problems. Drug rehabs have already helped thousands of people, and they can help you too.