Why You Should Upgrade Your Radio

When the factory stereo system in your car isn't cutting it, you have a few options for choosing an aftermarket radio. An aftermarket radio is any stereo system, also called a head unit, that didn't originally come with your vehicle. Car owners in the Philadelphia area can reach out to an auto repair shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for their installation services to find a system that suits their needs. Here are the reasons why a new radio system makes your listening experience superior.

Better Sound Quality

Factory speakers typically provide drivers with two things: a CD Player and a radio. If you love these features in your car and just want to upgrade them, you can use a less comprehensive device such as a premier FM transmitter. You can install one of these without removing your old system. However, an entirely new system can provide the best results.

A key feature of many new stereo systems is a significant increase in sound quality. Older car models' factory speakers often struggle with high volumes and producing clear sounds. The speakers get easily overwhelmed, which causes static and sound distortion. In extreme cases, you can blow out a speaker and be stuck with a buzzing sound every time you turn on your radio. Listening to loud music or audiobooks becomes tiresome instead of entertaining.

Modern systems solve this problem by offering the following benefits:

        Amplified speakers

        Different audio types

        Satellite signal connection

        Precise sound settings

These things ensure a strong connection and crystal-clear sound from your stereo. You can also take advantage of the customization tools by adjusting the frequencies and ranges in music to fit your liking.

More Options

Great sound quality isn't the only perk of an aftermarket head unit. You can purchase systems with touch-screen monitors, Bluetooth, and USB ports. New technology for cars goes hand in hand with smart devices, including but not limited to cell phones, tablets, and GPS navigation. This is helpful because it gives you the option of hands-free control of your devices using verbal commands or announcements.

Of course, the more advanced the technology, the more complex the installation process can be. If going to the repair shop isn't realistic budget-wise, or you have some experience and knowledge of working on cars, installation can become a DIY project. Before you do anything, always disconnect the negative cable from your car battery to avoid any electrical damage to you or the car. In the case of European car models, you can remove your old stereo system using an Audi radio removal tool. You can also use items you have at home, but be careful not to damage your vehicle.

Change the Game

Whether you do it yourself or take your car to the shop, upgrading your radio rewards you in the long run. Music is a concert with the right head unit, and podcasts can sound as if the speaker is sitting passenger side. Additionally, accessibility features and better audio make traveling safer and more enjoyable. Take charge of your car's sound and visit your local auto store today to find the system for you.