The Benefits of Using a Supply Teacher Recruitment Agency

In England, the number of teachers entering the profession outweighs the number of leavers, rising by 2,200 teachers since 2020. That means that school administrators have to fumble through more applications than ever, making hiring an arduous process.

However, hiring new teachers doesn't have to be difficult. If administrators use education recruitment agencies, they get to interview and hire top talent with haste. So, now all they have to worry about is how to decorate the classroom. If that sounds like the kind of relief you need, read on to learn more about the benefits of using teacher recruitment agencies.

Why Use Education Recruitment Agency?

Education recruitment agencies don't just help teachers find jobs. They also help administrators find new, talented team members. The team members hired from teacher recruitment agencies are called supply teachers.

Supply teacher agencies bring a pool of qualified candidates to your doorstep. But, they also filter out the candidates that wouldn't fit well with your school's culture. So, instead of 100 mismatched candidates vying for the position, you get to pick from 20 well-suited ones.

Get Top Candidates

The primary function of education recruitment agencies is to find and recruit quality educators. Then, they match top candidates with schools. Hiring a supply teacher agency can make it easier for you to find talent that aligns with your school’s vision and mission.

For example, if your school values diversity or has a tight budget, you can search through pre-made profiles based on these parameters. Weed out unsuitable applicants before even interviewing candidates.

Conserve Your Time for Other Projects

Education recruitment agencies allow schools to conserve resources during the hiring process. It can take weeks to sift through hundreds of resumes, only to choose a small few for interviews. Instead of wasting time on the hiring process, teacher agencies can help schools find the right hire right away.

By expediting the hiring process, schools can focus their time and energy on educating students. Or, they can focus on other projects to make the school experience more enriching. Thus, ensuring that students are receiving the best education possible.

Access International Talent

Finding the right candidate for your needs can be tough. Often, the only way to find that perfect fit is to broaden your horizons.

Education recruitment agencies offer schools access to talent from across the world. This option is perfect for schools who

  • Want top talent from other countries
  • Offer a more diverse learning experience
  • Prefer native-speaking foreign language teachers
  • Need teachers for an ESL program

Under normal circumstances, finding international talent can be tough. But with a teacher recruitment agency, you get top international talent right away.

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