How Can I Tell if There Is a Listening Device in My House? What You Need to Know

The government recently admitted that they can use smart home devices to access information on individuals. What many people might not know is that when they purchase these smart home devices, the information they put into the system is stored on various servers, which can then be hacked by either the government or hackers. Smart home devices aren't the only way to get spied on, however. 

Criminals can also install a surveillance device inside a home without you knowing. This can be done in your personal home, a rental, or even in a vacation rental. How will you know if there's a surveillance device in your home? 

Continue reading the guide below to spot those devices and remove them as soon as possible. 

A Recent Burglary 

Are you the victim of a recent home burglary? A home burglary can leave you feeling violated and anxious, but it can also leave your home open to surveillance devices. Even if you come home to nothing missing but see that some things are out of place, you should search your entire home for listening devices. 

Signal Interferences 

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing signal interference throughout your home. One of those reasons could be that your home's bugged. If you notice signal interferences that you never noticed before or after another recent event that causes suspicion (a burglary), then there's a good chance that there's a surveillance device in your home. 

Inspect your home for small wires or use a bug detector to possibly find anything that shouldn't be there. 

Small Disturbances 

Most hidden cameras are placed in common objects found around the home. They can be installed in-wall outlets, light fixtures, alarm clocks, indoor ceiling sprinklers, and other various items. These items won't seem out of place to you, but there will be small disturbances around them. 

For example, if someone replaced your wall outlet with a bugged wall outlet, then you might notice drywall dust on the floor or surrounding area. Check all of these places where hidden cameras are commonly placed, looking for the camera itself and any disturbance in the area. 

Your Own Surveillance Device

One of the best ways to catch someone installing listening devices in your home is to have your own surveillance device installed first. You can purchase your own hidden or discrete home surveillance linked here. Keeping tabs on your own home can give you the peace of mind you're looking for. 

Make sure to have both interior and exterior surveillance for the best results. 

Is There a Listening Device in Your Home?

Do you believe your home's bugged with a listening device? Use all of the tips and advice given in this guide above to help you find a listening or surveillance device in your home. If a device is found, never hesitate to contact local authorities for more help!

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