5 Perfect Reasons for Buying a Motorcycle

The first quarter of this year has proven that the motorcycle lifestyle is really taking off. Sales have been skyrocketing for major brands from Benelli to Yamaha, and even used bike sales this February were up by about 14% year over year.

In other words, if you’re thinking of buying a motorcycle, you’re in great company!

Though they aren’t for everyone, these powerful vehicles offer a huge range of benefits when compared to cars. If you’re looking for a few extra benefits to sway your decision, here are five perfect reasons to grab a bike of your own.

1. Riding a Motorcycle Is Fun

Sure, your bike will be a means of transportation—but it’s also a fun way to travel. Riding a motorcycle can be a great hobby in a way that driving a car simply isn’t.

From the feel of the wind against your skin to the sun on your face to the roar of the motor, it’s safe to say that there’s nothing like riding a motorbike. Some might even say that it’s the closest thing to flying!

2. Motorcycles Are Inexpensive

Though it’s also possible to get your hands on a high-end ride, the truth is that most motorcycle prices will be far lower than the price tag on a new car. This is even true of newer motorcycles.

It’s also worth noting that maintenance tends to be inexpensive as well. Motorcycles are far easier for the average owner to fix and repair than a car, meaning that you’ll be able to tighten chains and replace belts rather than bringing your bike to a mechanic. What’s more, even if you prefer professional service, the price tag is often far lower than repairs to a traditional vehicle.

3. Motorcycles Get Way Better Mileage

This, of course, will vary according to the types of motorcycles you’re considering. However, it’s safe to say that most bikes will get way better mileage than a car, sometimes to the tune of 70 miles or more per gallon. Whether you’re trying to save what’s in your wallet or you’re thinking about the environment, better mileage is a sure win.

4. You Can’t Beat the Motorcycle Culture

The motorcycle lifestyle tends to call to fun-loving people who enjoy the riding experience. From long chats about your favorite bikes to group riding sessions to the famous “biker wave,” you’ll never feel alone in the motorcycle community.

You might even find yourself collecting motorcycle patches to represent your favorite parts of motorcycle culture! Have a look at the history of these patches to learn more about their designs.

5. Motorcycles Are Simply Cool

Last, but not least, motorcycles have a “cool factor” that cars just don’t have. In addition to the fearlessness it takes to ride one in the first place, it’s hard to deny that the speed, sound, and design of your sleek new ride can be pretty eye-catching.

Consider Buying a Motorcycle Today

Buying a motorcycle can be a huge decision, but it’s safe to say that there are a few key benefits weighing in favor of these smooth rides. From a newfound sense of community to financial savings, motorcycles have a lot to offer. If you’re ready for a fun new ride and an exciting hobby, buying a bike might be the right decision for you!

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