6 Tips for More Efficient Business Meetings

Meetings are an ingrained element of the business world. Everyone from CEOs down to middle management and rank-and-file workers ends up in them. Yet, many people consider business meetings a productivity-killing waste of time for everyone involved.

In many cases, a meeting ends without actually addressing the subject of the meeting or with nothing accomplished. That is not a great outcome if running a business as an efficient business matters to you.

Despite all the bad press, business meetings can prove a useful tool without destroying workplace productivity. Keep reading for six ways you can maintain workplace efficiency and run meetings.

1. Reasonable Lengths

Does that meeting really need to run for a full hour to get through the agenda? Occasionally, yes, it probably does. In most cases, though, you can probably get away with 30-minute and maybe even 15-minute meetings.

If nothing else, it'll keep people focused and let them get back to productive activity faster.

2. Limit Invitations

Far too many meetings include people who simply do not need to be in the room. Limit your meetings to the absolutely essential people. That frees up everyone else to keep working.

It also means the key players can bring anyone else up to speed as needed.

3. Leverage Technology

Just getting space for a meeting can prove a near-Herculean task on some days. Leverage a software solution like meetio.com for conference room booking. It'll save people time and limit confusion about who has the room for that block of time.

4. Clear Agenda

No meeting should happen unless there is a crystal clear agenda. A clear agenda adds structure and direction to the meeting. It also lets everyone know the meeting is done when you clear the last point. The agenda doesn't need extreme detail, but should at least include a set of fixed bullet points.

5. Play Teacher

Meetings can easily wander off-topic. That can drag them out unnecessarily and leave everyone complaining it was a waste of their time.

As a meeting leader, it's on you to keep the discussion focused on the agenda points.

6. Leave Time at the End

The last thing you want is people walking out of a meeting confused. That's bad for productivity and efficiency. Make sure that you always leave a few minutes at the end of the meeting so people can raise questions or get clarification.

If no one needs it, you can let everyone go early. They'll love that.

Business Meetings and You

Business meetings are often fruitless and do, in fact, waste people's time. That's bad business management in practice. Take active steps to ensure that your meetings don't leave people hating their lives.

Go in with a clear agenda and keep the discussion on topic. Only book the actual amount of time you need and limit the invitees to key players. Leverage tech to simplify room booking.

If you can call it early, do it.

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