Important things to consider when writing an essay

Writing an essay at the school or college level is not an easy task. When I write my essay, I face a lot of trouble. However, it’s not that difficult either. All you have to do is focus on certain things and include them in your essay.

Considering the busy schedules students have nowadays, many consider taking help from professionals who can write your essays for you. For instance, same day essay; a site that helps you in writing your essays.

How to write my essay? This is a common question that we students ask. In this article, we will tell you about the things you should consider while writing your essay.

The structure

When I write my essay, I always make sure to structure it properly. The perfect structure can provide you with the perfect essay!

What do we mean by this? Let’s take a look.


The introduction is the most important thing I consider when I write my essay. Your introduction has to be general yet specific. Start by introducing what you have to address. Then add a thesis statement to answer the question.

And lastly, provide a summary of what you are writing. Make sure the introduction is not too long, and you stick to the point.


The body of your essay should have various paragraphs. In these paragraphs, make sure you start a discussion to explain the topic. Then, show that you have knowledge of the topic and mention everything you have read.

Lastly, support your argument by providing evidence and facts. If your topic has several parts, make paragraphs accordingly - to explain all parts of the topic.


In conclusion, you have to summarise your essay in a manner that explains everything you mentioned in the essay. In the end, add a concluding statement that gives suggestions or implications. Hence, concluding the essay.


The paragraphs that you form in an essay are essential. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence that explains your primary idea. It should also include evidence that supports your argument.

Moreover, it should include an analysis and a concluding sentence. All of these combined will show the reader the knowledge you have of the topic and the research that you have done.


If you follow the tips given above, you can write the perfect essay. You have to show people that you know about the topic you are writing about. When I write my essay, I always keep these things in mind, and hence I can score well!