How to Remove Shlayer Mac Malware

Mac computers are popular to be highly secure and power-backed. Apple has taken special care to keep macOS safe for seamless user-experience. However, hackers find ways to threaten the security of these advanced computers, nonetheless. After all, it’s a machinery and prone to vulnerability.

One of such security threat is Shlayer malware recently found on macOS. The worst part is it comes stealthily as a Flash download which users overlook most of the time. Without you even realizing, the so-called “Flash” file will starts downloading and installing into the system. The result is a poorly behaving internet browser that redirects you to some other website and keeps bringing up pop-ups.

Thankfully, you can remove this malware with two ways, i.e. manually and automatically with the use of the best Mac cleaner.

Delete Shlayer Malware Manually

Shlayer is a bit challenging malware to beat because it might show up with the same name always. So, it’s hectic to spot and remove it because it requires some navigation of folders to be found first. But you can do it manually with the accurate steps information. The following steps are helpful to learn the correct way to wipe this malware from your computer.

1.       The first thing is to launch a new Finder window on your computer

2.       Select Go > Go to Folder

3.       In the pop-up, type or paste these folder paths to open their respective list of files each time:


·         Advanced Mac Cleaner

·         MyMacUpdater

·         MyShopcoupon

·         mediaDownloader


·         com.MyMacUpdater.agent.plist

·         com.MyShopcoupon.agent.plist

·         mm-plugin.dylib

·         myshopcoupon.safariextz

~ /Library/Application Support/

·         amc

~ /Library/Caches/

·         chumsearch.safariextz

~ /Library/LaunchAgents/

·         com.pcv.hlpramcn.plist

~ /Library/Safari/Extensions/

·         chumsearch.safariextz

Additionally, look for the profiles that Shlayer possibly has created on the system. These profiles are new and you can find them this way:

1.       Go to Apple logo on the top of your Mac’s home screen

2.       Select System Preferences

3.       Click Profiles

4.       Select the profiles that you don’t recognize

5.       Go to the bottom of the window and click the minus button

This is how you can find and delete Shlayer from Mac on your own. If you prefer to use a Mac Optimizer tool, you can get rid of the malware without doing all the stuff by yourself.

Delete Shlayer Automatically

This way is more secure, more time-saving, and less-effort-taking. All you need to do is to install a specialized tool (Mac Optimizer Pro being one of the top-rated in the market) and perform a quick scan to look into Mac issues that affect its performance.

Here are the steps you can perform to activate deep scan of the best Mac cleaner on your computer:

1.       Download and install the app from the official website

2.       After the first launch, the app will start the scan process automatically

3.       If you already have it on your computer, click the Scan button on the home screen of the tool (Try closing other tasks or other windows on your Mac before starting it)

4.       Wait for some time while the scan is in process

5.       Once the result shown (which must be showing your Mac under threat), click Remove Now or Fix Now button

6.       Restart your computer to finish the process

Once the malware is removed, it’s recommended to keep using the app to prevent any malware or issue in the future. Along with that, try not to open a website that you don’t trust and don’t download anything from such websites at all.