8 Business Invoicing Tips to Get Paid Faster

In most cases, small businesses don’t have an investor backing them. Thus, they need a stable cash flow to keep up with their expenses and simplify their accounting. With the right tips and tricks and good online invoice payment processing software, you can be assured that your clients will pay you on time and even before the due date.

So, to ensure smooth business expense tracking and have streamlined finances, you should invoice immediately after you submit your work and offer multiple payment gateways for the same. We suggest using these methods to get your payments faster.

1. Request Advance Payments

One of the simplest ways to get paid faster is to charge advance payment, either partial or full. This will particularly be useful for long-term projects as they can take several months to complete.

This  way you will also have ample funds to cover project costs. Moreover, you will also have a stable cash flow to look after your other business expenses.

2. Create Simple Invoices

If you, too, are a victim of late payments, the chances are that your invoice has some issues. For example, if it doesn’t convey information clearly or has a poor design, you may find yourself at a loss.

Your clients may or not be able to find the information and may get confused. This, in turn, leads to delay in payments. Also, make sure you highlight the total amount and deadline for payment.

3. Invoice Immediately

Sending timely invoices is the key to quick payments. Thus, make it a habit to invoice your client as soon as your project is completed. Another way is to send your invoice with the final draft of your work.


Doing so will keep your name fresh in the client’s mind, and they will pay you quickly. Also, since you will invoice with your online payment software right away, you are less likely to make mistakes on the invoice.

4. Stay Clear with Payment Terms

Make sure you discuss your payment terms before you start working on the project and record all the details in your free online invoicing software. This way, your clients will know when they need to make payments and what are the repercussions of making late payments.

5. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

You can add multiple payment options in your online payment software and provide your clients the much-needed flexibility with payment methods. This will not only expedite the payment process, but you will also look more professional and will have fewer troubles onboarding new clients.

6. Accept Automatic Payments

Your free online invoicing software can help you by letting you collect automatic payments for your invoices. This way you can  charge your client’s debit/credit card on the same date each month. Thus, saving them the effort to pay you and eliminating guesswork for both parties.

7. Offer Incentives

When you offer incentives for early payments, you can help your clients develop a habit of paying bills before time. We suggest you offer a 2% discount if the bill is paid within ten days of the due date. While it will not save your clients a fortune, it will show that you value their efforts, and they are more likely to send your payments.

8. Charge Late Fees

Just like good behavior deserves appreciation, bad behavior should be penalized. It is a great practice to give out discounts and other services for timely payments. But, make sure you charge some amount of fees when your clients miss payment deadlines. 

Before you sign the contract, you will need to discuss your late-free policy and mention it in the payment terms section of your invoice. This will avoid any surprises and help you bring a strong rapport with your client. Thus, you should consider charging a nominal percentage of your amount as late fees.

Wrapping Up

A free online invoicing software can work wonders for your business. Not only will they let you have a smooth cash flow, but you will also be able to improve profit margins to a great extent. Luckily, you no longer need to search for good online payment software as we are there to help you!