5 Qualities To Look For In A Lawyer

 The law industry is getting more competitive and strenuous year by year. As new laws are implemented and existing laws are being revised, a critical and steadfast legal practitioner makes a difference and would surely prevail in the jury’s verdicts. What qualities does a competent lawyer possess? How can you say that you are hiring a good lawyer?

Listed below are the important  traits of a good lawyer:

1.      Persuasive & Cohesive Communication Skills

 Being an effective communicator is one of the most essential skills of an attorney. To defend convincingly during a trial before juries and judges, one must not only sound right but must also be legally correct. Lawyers must be verbally articulate, able to convey narratives and arguments clearly, persuasively, concisely, and with conviction.

 Legal practitioners must also communicate flawlessly in various ways. An effective attorney can pinpoint useful facts and convey important ideas in legal documents, formal and informal emails, and even in phone conversations that can be vital in legal and private discussions. 

 Lawyers must be capable of attracting potential clients during consultations through demonstrating professionalism and projecting knowledge in certain things that clients need to hear. After all, it’s not just only about the law, business is also at stake especially that law firms are getting more competent in persuading and retaining prospective clients.

 2.      Analytical Skills in Judgement & Argument

A great attorney must have fast and reasonable evaluative skills in drawing logical conclusions and assumptions, pointing out the opposition’s weak and skeptical arguments, and considering judgments
critically during a difficult, confusing, or complicated situation.

 A lawyer who lacks decisiveness has poor judgment, and cannot distill large amounts of information into something manageable and logical is a lawyer who will not last very long in the industry.

 3.      Perseverance

 As an attorney, it is the main factor to aim for success and achievement. Initially, being a lawyer takes a lot of sacrifices and sheer will to reach the finish line. Lawyers typically take an undergraduate degree, pass the LSAT, apply to a law school, take the state bar exam, and that's when you become a full-fledged attorney. Not the journey everyone wants.

 When working on a case, you must be persistent in completing the tasks required to have a successful conclusion.

 Finally, effective attorneys understand the need for perseverance. The legal profession is a difficult one. There's no need to whitewash anything.  Practicing law may be one of the most rewarding and significant jobs available, but it's also quite demanding.

 Success in any career necessitates hard work. There will be days when things are challenging. However, successful lawyers always persevere through the hurdles, overseeing the rewards and meaningful moments that will make everything worth it for both the client and lawyer.

 4.      Client-focused

 The practice of law is not one that can be studied in a vacuum. Lawyers deal with people on behalf of people, and the judgments they make influence people's lives, regardless of how well they perform academically.

 They must be approachable, persuasion-skilled, and have the ability to read people. It enables them to assess the emotions of jurors as well as the credibility of witnesses that allows them to attain their desired outcomes.

 Legal practitioners cannot obtain their true professional objectives without compassion for their clients. A committed lawyer, who is client-centered, can represent the client best, without hesitations and in line with his/her principles as a legal professional.

 5.      Knowledge of the Law

 Effective lawyers understand their area of expertise. This knowledge usually comes from their years in the academe and some are from their personal experiences in the legal field. Clients should  hire a lawyer, who is sure to be an expert in a specific field, that would best represent them in the court.

 For instance, you are involved in a auto accident on a local highway. You would surely want legal advice from a trusted and experienced lawyer. Or if you are planning for a divorce and you have minor children, you would probably want to turn to a reliable and recommended legal practitioner of Family Law. In other words, the legal prowess needed to become an efficient personal injury attorney is far different from the legal knowledge needed to assist a couple who wants to pursue divorce.


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 Being a lawyer is not a walk in the park. But from a client’s perspective, one would surely hire an attorney with a convincing level of intelligence and knowledge of the law, coupled with a positive track record in legal practice.

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