Why is it Important to Have a Study Schedule?

Study Schedule

We know that studying is the lengthy process of reading, writing notes, understanding, memorising, revising and recalling. An appropriate study plan or routine displays good results. Students in today’s trend always complain that they do not have a proper strategy or timetable for study. This kind of improper study plan easily reflects on their performance in the examination. This article will throw some light on the importance of the study schedule. 

Time management 

A proper study schedule helps in time management. When a student plans the study schedule then each and every subject is  given equal time. This also aids in saving a lot of time and one can utilise this time in different activities such as  sports and hobbies that the student is interested in. A study plan always has some back up time for extra things. For instance, if an unexpected thing pops up then one can alter the study schedule and plan accordingly rather than wasting time at that moment. One can change the schedule depending on the subjects as well. One might find it difficult in solving Biology Q&A so more priority can be given to this and less to other subjects. 

Track of the study

One can clearly have a track of the study when he maintains a proper study schedule. This schedule helps in covering the syllabus timely. It also helps in maintaining self-discipline and determination to complete the studies without any external support. The study track record helps to know whether the syllabus studied or covered has to be revised and reviewed again or one can move to further study. One will not have to keep wondering which chapters are to be read again and much of the time will be saved in this regard.

Enhanced productivity

The  study schedule aids in studying part by part or little portion at one time which helps in better understanding of the theories and concepts. Making a rough sketch of the study schedule and following it helps in increasing the productivity towards studies and this also develops interest towards the academics. This helps to learn more and memorise it effectively. Lately this is the reason you study without stress. When a proper schedule is maintained the topics taught in class and the study done by the student goes hand in hand and enhances the subject knowledge. 

Study won’t be stressful

The study schedule aims at meeting the deadlines or completing a particular amount of study during a specific time. When one constantly reaches the deadlines and finishes the course in the given time frame then there will not be any stress in the study schedule. For instance, one has to solve a few Science Questions and submit them ,then this task can be completed on a priority basis as per the study schedule so that one will not be stressed if the deadline is reached.  By planning the study schedule appropriately, one can avoid piling up the tasks and stress.

Aiming and achieving goals

We know that goals cannot be achieved in a single day. One has to constantly put his efforts for days and years together to achieve a goal. One aims for a goal to score good grades in the competitive examination, so for this the study schedule matters a lot. This schedule helps to track the progress of the study and also encourages to achieve many small milestones to attain his desired goal.  A well organised study schedule is the first step to one’s academic success. 

A goal should be established for an effective study purpose and one must be in a race to achieve the goal. 

A student must make a note that study planning or scheduling is not just listing out the tasks

or activities. It is a daily routine that one must follow and it is better when it is incorporated into a habit. Students must have a proper knowledge of his or her routine and then schedule the study.Proper study methods and techniques based on the subjects and learning pattern must be followed . These proper study techniques help in scoring good grades Proper study habits must be cultivated amongst the students in order to have a scheduled study routine.