The Advantage of Labour Hire Contractors

No building work goes on without laborers. They are integral in any build, be it a residential or a commercial project. But how does it work, do builders and developers have to employ such large teams on an ongoing basis?

The answer is no. Builders and developers generally have a small team that are on their direct payroll. They deal with the peaks and troughs in work by using labor hire contractors. 

These are workers that are employed by a third party agency, called a Labor Hire Agency. These agencies are the employer of the laborers, they pay their wages, superannuation, they have all the expenses associated with sourcing staff, and paying insurance. The builder is a customer, who basically just hires the Labor Hire Agencies staff for the time that they require support. Labour hire workers are employed by the agency and hired by local businesses.

This model is great as it means that construction, civil, cleaning, maintenance, companies and even factories can upscale their worforce quickly, with minor over heads and all the administration for the contracting workers is performed by the Labor Hire Agency. 

Now the thing is, where do you find labour hire agencies? A top quality labour-hire agency is hard to find because every agency cannot provide you with reliable laborers. Often generic recruitment companies can provide you with workers that have never been through a trial. This is a bit of a concern, because they do not know the work attitude of the individual, and you could get a worker that is not the best fit for the job, or worse, not reliable. 

We have researched into a range of labor hire websites to see what they say about the service they provide. And one that stood out was the Australian company, Canberra Labour Hire. The thing that made them stand out to us, is that they trial the workers before they rent them out. Not only that, they also clearly tell you what their standards are that they assess their workers against. They guarantee to you as a business that they will provide experienced labour for different construction, civil, maintenance and industial fields. Now, let's check out the benefits of labour-hire contractors below: 

Benefits of Labour Hire Contractors 

A Labor Hire Agency is different to an Employment Agency who does not employ the staff themselves, rather finds the workers for you and you pay them a ‘sourcing fee.’

There are several advantages of labour-hire contractors you can get by hiring Labour Hire Contractors:

  1. Expert Labours 

Labor Hire Agencies provide you with expert labours for your work. These workers will rapidly come on board and you don’t need to train your staff. Need a forklift driver for a short period time? It is cheaper to hire a temporary worker to get you through the period, than to go through the process of paying your current staff to learn and achieve their forklift ticket. It will save your time and overheads, and let your staff get on with other activities that will have a greater impact on the businesses profits.

  1. Save Money 

Another advantage of hiring labours is that it saves not only your time but also your money. You do need to pay them while they are on leave or they aren’t working. You just need to pay them when they will work for you. You need to hire them only when you need labor. Got a deadline coming up, then bring a labor hire company on board.

  1. Tried and Tested workers 

A professional labour recruitmnet company will provide you with tried and tested laborers. They will assure you before the hire of laborer and if there is any issue, they will just swap them with another. In this way, you do not need to deal with unreliable staff. They will test the laborers before referring them to you. 

Why use a Labor Hire Company

Labor Hire companies give us many reasons to trust them because they provide us with several exciting benefits. They do not only provide you but also help you in finding the best labor that suits your work. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and it doesn’t matter if you need labour for a small job or a big one. Secondly, laborers can work for you 24 hours a day and they are available 7 days a week. They will provide you with onsite tested workers and they will ensure you for the public liability. In short, they make all the hustle easy for you. They are famous for recruiting the right person for the right job. 

They also consider the various qualities of labours before choosing them. Labour should be reliable and physically fit. They check out their punctuality and ability to follow instructions.  They must be experienced in construction. So now what are you waiting for ? For your next project you need a Labor Hire Agency!